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AS and A Level: Fyodor Dostoevsky

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  1. Having to Cope.

    She is a responsible young woman who had to face up to reality and cope. She attempted to obtain an employment position but childcare fees are so high flying that the money would have been taken away before she has even earnt them. You see it on Eastenders, you know somebody who has a friend of a sister who is dating 'Clive'. Well that's how she attempted to solve her issues. Clive had come round on the 10th of April with a plan that took place secretly. He broke various belongings of Bethany's the second part of the scheme was for her to call up in floods of tear and make an insurance claim.

    • Word count: 1028
  2. In What Ways May the Lieutenant and the Priest be Compared and Differentiated in Part One of the Novel.

    He believes that suffering is the path towards a better world, future. The lieutenant's ideals live on with the essential objective of creating a better world for the future and for the people who have been humiliated and cheated by the church. The lieutenant's ideals are clear in the following fragment: "All they want is your money. What has God ever done for you?". One factor which differentiates the priest and the lieutenant is the origin of their idealistic-dominated lives; the lieutenant pursues his objective because of hate and moral obligation: "The new children would have new memories...It infuriated him to think that there were still people in the state who believed in a loving and merciful God."

    • Word count: 1195
  3. Fire, how was I supposed to know it would lead to this?

    The fire engines where unable to get to the scene, while I watched on fascinated by the flames flickering fiercely in the wind. The police where getting a bit suspicious now and where trying to stereotype people walking down the street as pyromaniacs whatever one of them would look like. You see I was a typical teenager with tracksuit bottom's a t-shirt covered by a hooded top and a baseball cap. This was the fashion for children my age so I didn't stand out at all, although the rush of being caught was another stimulation that I knew one day I would come to an end.

    • Word count: 952
  4. The outsider.

    I attempted to clarify it to them but they were not satisfied enough. Suddenly, the chanting converted into a swift laughter. As rapid laugh grins carried on, the head of the outrageous gang, Steven stepped forward still gurgle with laughter. "Like we all said it was only an ancient theory- ancient theory as in old thoughts or guesses- it was only an idea or a belief, a vision of superstitions- a false notion... any other words you want me to explain you in?" He waffled on unnecessarily, keeping the smirk on his look.

    • Word count: 979
  5. Encounter with a Celebrity.

    But I know in my heart that they will reunite sooner or later and discover their love has survived through all the heartache and celebrity rumours, after all, did Cameron Diaz REALLY think she could keep a much younger drop dead gorgeous guy like Justin interested? Just because Naomi Watts has managed to keep Heath Ledger on a leash, doesn't mean Justin won't run away! Now due to my total fixation with Brit and Justin I have entered every possible competition, as every dedicated fan should, even mildly related to them.

    • Word count: 1130
  6. Svidrigailov and Raskolnikov: Men of Differences and Similarities.

    Raskolnikov was besotted with his "extraordinary man theory". Raskolnikov was constantly trying to prove to him and to the world that he was part of those few extraordinary people in the world. He went as far as to compare himself to the great Napoleon stating that he could too be above the law and do as he pleased. He believed that if he were to co9mmitte a murder then that would make him part of this elite class. During the crime he mad mistakes that later helped him realized that that maybe he was an extraordinary man like he thought himself to be because an extraordinary man would not make such mistakes after and during a crime.

    • Word count: 990
  7. Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, "the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it".

    Responsibility is an underrated concept. Without responsibility very little would get done. With responsibility, almost anything is possible. If our commitment to create a better world should falter because you think the task is too big or you don't have enough time for it or for a thousand other reasons, remember that you are the link to the future. Without your active involvement, there may not be a future. If each of us does not personally accept this global responsibility, we have no right to expect someone else to accept it.

    • Word count: 1959
  8. How does the writer of the play 'A Kind of Alaska' show the struggle in Deborah's awakening?

    Mood and atmosphere is being set as the tension builds up. The doctor, Hornby, tries to provoke her into saying something. "Do you know me?" Silence "Do you recognise me?" Silence "Can you hear me?" She does not look at him Deborah does not respond to him immediately, even when she is addressed directly. She acts as if she can hear him, but cannot answer him back, for that is how she would act if she were still in her illness. She does not see the point in answering him because the whole situation would probably seem as a dream to her.

    • Word count: 4986
  9. Book Review - In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

    Perry and Dick were familiar with each other since they had celled together at Kansas State Penitentiary. Dick is your average guy, young (28 years old), arrogant, practical, and fastidious. Dick grew up with loving parents on a small farm near Olathe. He had a fond childhood and was married twice with two sons. Adversely, he was jailed for passing bad checks. Nonetheless, Dick's character is not as ruthless and confident as he makes it seem in the first half of the novel. Perry, on the other hand, is someone people would look at curiously. He's short with a very muscular torso and stubby legs.

    • Word count: 1320
  10. Imagine you are Grandma, just after Zoe's second visit. Zoe has confided in you about her meetings with Daz and the desire to run away.

    The people who live in the suburbs are self contained, affluent , with everything we could wish for. City people have no life. They just exist and some don't manage to do that. I'm sure I would have not lived to this age if I had stayed in Rawhampton. Let me tell you about my great granddaughter, Zoe. She visits regularly and we have a wonderful relationship despite the generation gaps ! She feels close to me and we talk about any subject and she knows I will not patronise her, I will give her my honest opinion. Unfortunately, Zoe's dad is like the majority in Silverdale, they have their stock automatic response to many of life's questions.

    • Word count: 1133
  11. Theory Of Knowledge.

    However, the mission of a historian is the direct opposite of that. The job of a historian is to present the most "raw" reality to the people, facing them to face facts, then learn from the past experience of the earlier generations. So how on earth can these two professions be similar? Well, they are, in some ways. Generally, both types of professionals aim to present truth. However, the truth pursued by a historian is slightly different from that pursued by an artist, who often dig into deeper and more abstract ideas of truth, as compared to a historian who presents the most basic truth that lies on the surface.

    • Word count: 1655
  12. Jennifer Toth's, The Mole People.

    The thrill of this adventure has obviously jaded Toth's sense of objectivity, regardless of what her disclaimer (Author's Note) might offer as "relevant" proof against this arguement. Simply by naming her book, The Mole People, Toth has chosen to sensationalize the perplexities of the underground homeless. Toth is unhesitant to portray the dystopia of a menacing subculture of irrational activity and unpredictable emotion. The "Dark Angel" chapter contains the most redundant display of Toth's overt voyeurism, comparable only to the final few pages of the book's epilogue in which Toth "escapes" from the horror of the "mole people" entirely.

    • Word count: 1587
  13. How can an audience identify with Charlie Gordon's desire to be 'smart'?

    Charlie's workmates at the factory patronise him, mock him and humiliate him. They laugh at his slowness ('doing a Charlie Gordon'), make jokes about him that he cannot understand and use him to provide a cheap laugh at social functions. After Charlie's operation they change their attitude towards him. When Charlie suggests a new way of lining up the machines on the production line, saving thousands of pounds a year in labour and bringing about increased production, he is given a fifty pound bonus by Mr Donnegan, the factory owner. This new intelligence displayed by Charlie threatens his workmates and they petition to remove him.

    • Word count: 2522
  14. "The Desperadoes" By Stan Barstow.

    Vince is a very violent character and feels that this gives him a "sense of release". He also carries "six inches of razor-sharp steel" in the form of a knife incase he ever needs it in one of his frequent conflicts. Because of all the fights he gets into the reader may not feel sympathetic for Vince when things do go wrong and an example of Vince's needless violence is when he attacks an old man purely for fun after the gang had been at the Tivoli.

    • Word count: 677
  15. Creative Writing Coursework 'Rebirth'.

    The 'Cryonics Europe' team responded quickly. They firstly put me into a bath of dry ice and then attached me to the necessary equipment to keep my blood circulating, quite strange I know. I was then apparently wrapped, submerged in alcohol and airlifted along with one hundred and twenty kilograms of ice to America not quite what I expected either. They, I say they because I don't quite know who they are yet, have preserved me until today. The year being 2590 I guessed that things in general had change and expected that the moment I would step outside I would feel completely alien to the surroundings.

    • Word count: 889
  16. Watership Down - Review.

    Here they dig burrows and the rabbits seem satisfied for a period of time. Hazel made friends with animals such as mice and even a bird named Kehaar. Hazel then realized that the warren needs does to survive, or reproduction and continuation of the rabbit generations will be impossible. He uses Kehaar to find some does. They make a raid on a farm and bring back two does. Then three of the rabbits leave to visit a big warren nearby to ask for more does. However, the party came back tired and injured because the warren Efrafa does not agree to give up the does, and instead forced the group to stay behind.

    • Word count: 2374
  17. The Impact, Which the Spaniards Had On the Arawaks.

    They instead forced the Arawaks to supply them with food and also began to assault their women. The Arawaks were a peaceful people, but they decided to resist and came together to fight the invaders who had made themselves unwelcome. Columbus immediately organised expeditions to overcome the Arawaks. The Arawaks were easily defeated and for them it was the end of the deception that the Spanish would trade fairly, and the beginning of the dreadful lifestyle that they would live. The Arawaks were now forced to pay a tax, and the men were to deliver amounts of gold and cotton.

    • Word count: 614
  18. Travel writing.

    It is packed to the rafters with what you might call 'old school' Burnley fans (in other words, pensioners). Their routine behaviour is to be honest, quite annoying. They arm themselves with what seems to be the entire stock of Sainsbury's confectionary, and tales of 'the good old days' for 'us young folk'. They continually barrack the efforts of the Burnley players, and follow up their criticism with irratating comments such as 'arry Potts wunt a stud for this shower'. (Harry Potts being the Burnley manager at the time when Burnley FC were actually good). I really do not appreciate pensioners telling me facts and figures what I know already.

    • Word count: 1030
  19. What expectations do you have of "The Go-Between" from reading the prologue? In what way does Hartley prepare us for what is about to happen?

    With the opening line of "The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there" a theme of the past and memory is instantly aroused. Even though the theme of the past is conjured up, there is a greater sense of distance, not only in the past but the way that the character himself is distanced by the choice of grammar, "they" instead of "we" and "do" instead of "did". The opening line suggests Leo's past to be of a foreign nature, meaning that his memories of his past have become foreign to him due to the fact that he buried them deep within his mind in order to forget the events that occurred the year of 1900.

    • Word count: 2604
  20. Equiano, the Free Man.

    Equiano was very intrigued by the daily life of the Europeans. Equiano's curiosity with the ways of the Europeans aided him in gaining his freedom. On the ship of his middle passage Equiano notes, "I was exceedingly amazed at this account... I therefore wished to be from amongst them," (Equiano, 55). Here Equiano is speaking about the anchor of the ship. This curiosity was a driving force to learn more and to become one of the "freemen". Another example of an account of Equiano's curiosity and his favor among the ship's men is quoted as followed: "I also now first

    • Word count: 2648
  21. The reason behind the hobby-horse.

    This declaration is in obvious contrast to the Eighteenth century's perception of the rationality and order that shaped the literature of the time. Tristram informs the reader he will begin the story of his life " as Horace says, ab Ovo," even though he assumes Horace would disagree with this narrative design. He defends his decision by taking a satirical jab at the Augustan writers who believe in a return to the Classics as a model for worthy literature.

    • Word count: 1596
  22. What Have We Learnt About the Character of Shukhov In the Opening of the Novel?

    This is one of the ways Shukhov manages to survive and demonstrates that he has no intention of wasting away being ruled completely by prison guards. We can also learn a lot from some of Shukhov's small actions. "He removed his hat from his clean-shaven head - however cold it might be." Despite the cold and despite the other prisoners' practice of leaving hats on (in the mess hall) Shukhov continues to take his hat off before eating. This recognition of the practices and decorum of his previous life may not have any immediate effect but it allows Shukhov to retain respect for himself as a man.

    • Word count: 955
  23. Trip of a lifetime.

    To Sydney I would fly because it is to far to take the Train, Car or Boat. To Hong Kong I would have to fly again because Sydney and Hong Kong are quite far apart. To go to Turkey I would take the Train because there is more to see and do and it would take to long with car. To go to Berlin from Italy I would have to take the Car as it is not very far apart and taking train or Flying would just be a waste of money.

    • Word count: 827
  24. The Diary of Fredrick Grimshaw.

    I can barely walk and I have been placed on the 5th floor of a dilapidating building with vagrants and vandalism and my dodgy hip: Never mind what can you do. Besides there is enough of a storm for today and enough to consider of a more practical importance: I should enjoy life, if I were to be remembered as a sound man of a practical disposition rather than known for pestering the tomfoolery known as children or spending every waking moment writing Mary Whitehouse letters to the powers that be.

    • Word count: 603
  25. Word of Mouth.

    He utilizes many techniques through the narrator's speeches to show how the narrator changes and develops individualism. Ellison begins the story with the narrator as he catered to the wants of others to be accepted in society. Immediately after introducing himself, the protagonist described the battle royal in which he partook upon graduating from high school (11). He explained that he expected to recite his graduation speech to the "town's bigshots," but that when he arrived at the hall he was told that since he was to be there anyway he might as well take part in the battle royal as part of the entertainment.

    • Word count: 894

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