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AS and A Level: George Eliot

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  1. George Eliots Middlemarch is a novel embroidered by social relations, marriages, gender roles and a plain perspective on the Victorian society. Adopting a feminist perspective, Eliot aims at putting forth some matters of gender roles within the time

    As stated in the novel, "Women were expected to have weak opinions (7)". T.R. Wright comments on Dorothea's character in his book titled George Eliot's Middlemarch saying: Dorothea is portrayed as perpetually battling against limitations in her education, refusing to be satisfied with fashion, embroidery and a girlish instruction comparable to the nibbling and judgments of a discursive Mouse and insisting on a wider focus for her energies than village charities and the occasional Perusal of Female scripture Characters.(75) Despite Dorothea's rebellious character there is also a feminine side of her which makes Eliot draw similarities between Saint Theresa and Dorothea in the Prelude.

    • Word count: 3848

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