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  1. Colonial literature from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries has made a large impact on society today. Literature from both the Puritan era and the Age of Reason contribute to this impact.

    Three qualities of American writing from the Colonial period are the beliefs of providence, self improvement, and divine mission. The belief in God's providence is a major feature found throughout Colonial literature. God's providence was the idea that it was in God's power to control the salvation and damnation of humans. Their destinies were predetermined and they would live their lives looking for signs of grace. Every outcome of an action was considered a sign as God's providence. They believed God's intervention in their everyday lives revealed their fate. The belief in providence is predominately seen throughout Puritan writing, one of which being William Bradford's Of Plymouth Plantation.

    • Word count: 1029
  2. Wide Sargasso Sea-Explore how far you feel Antoinette is uncertain of her own identity

    The main reason why Antoinette is so lonely is because where she lives. Antoinette is not exposed to any children her own age and she spends her days in the gardens, as she says 'when I was safely home I sat close to the old wall at the end of the garden'. Nature seems to form a basis of Antoinette's identity as she seeks solace in it. Antoinette has had to undergo a great deal of neglect by her mother. Mother's play a vital role in forming one's identity and Antoinette is aware of her mother's disinterest in her, shown by Antoinette saying, 'she is ashamed of me'.

    • Word count: 1585
  3. Heart of Darkness

    Nature is a primeval, mysterious enigma that swallows light and sound, rationality and language, imprisoning them deep within its immense folds. It also speaks to the primitive and savage side of the human psyche, with power to mesmerize and lure. Thus the journey up-river the narrative acquires an increasingly symbolic meaning, and the natural landscape becomes a psychological as much as a physical reality. Marlow emphasises the dream-like quality of the experience: the "earth seemed unearthly" (p.39) ...'The rest of the world was nowhere, as far as our eyes and ears were concerned.

    • Word count: 1600
  4. To what extent is The Tenant of Wildfell Hall fundamentally concerned with exploring the possibility of salvation?

    This sense of responsibility over her son portrays a strong willed character within Helen, implying to the reader that her own spirit is her own salvation. Eight weeks after Helen marries Arthur Huntingdon, she is writing in her journal about her misjudgement of his character. This indicates to the reader, the reason she judges people so harshly later in life is due to the fact she misjudged her husband. This once again implies a self-imposed position of authority, were she is allowed to judge people in life like God would in death.

    • Word count: 1091
  5. The story of Sredni Vasthar is one of oppression and conflict. Set in the Edwardian period, the social context of the story is that of a family of wealth and middle class values.

    Learning about the tyranny of Mrs De Ropp makes the reader even more sympathetic towards Conradin's plight. This oppression that Conradin experiences at the hands of Mrs De Ropp, is the main conflict in this story. He manages to find solace in his imagination, using it not only to help escape his solitude and boredom but also to undermine Mrs De Ropps tyranny. We also learn of his fate if it were not for his imagination: Without his imagination, which was rampant under the spur of loneliness, he would have succumbed long ago.

    • Word count: 1583
  6. A comparison of Arkady and Bazarov, from Turgenevs Fathers and Sons

    His home-coming is at once liberating, as he can revert to old habits and enjoys old pleasures such as 'falling asleep under the quilt worked by loving hands - those of his old nurse', but also frustrating: 'he had but lately been a child and returned to a place where everyone is accustomed to regard and treat him as a child.' This first trip forms the primary cracks in Arkady and Bazarov's leader-follower relationship; Arkady is at once impressed and repulsed by the way in which Bazarov treats his father and uncle.

    • Word count: 1361
  7. Presentation of Arkady as One-Dimensional

    Apart from this, Turgenev also uses him as a symbol for equilibrium. While Bazarov is ranting and raging and generally exercising the liberty that nihilism provides him with, Arkady shies from conflict and overall does little other than follow Bazarov with initial absolute loyalty. Though it is true that, like Bazarov and Anna, Arkady experiences a rite of passage and is forced to question his principles, this journey is significantly more understated and, as such, appears less important. As we see throughout the text the importance and reverence Turgenev places upon adapting to change and general balance, Arkady's ease in

    • Word count: 1053
  8. Analysis of characters in the yellow wallpaper

    The increased use of 'I' demonstrates a positive change in self-presentation precisely at the point when her actions dramatically compromise her sanity and condemn her to madness. Other examples, particularly in the final paragraphs, affirm the narrator's newly imagined self: 'What is the matter?' he cried...so that I had to creep over him every time' John's name seems conspicuously absent from these paragraphs. Repeatedly, the narrator substitues the nominative case for John's name, for instance 'he cried' and 'he did'.

    • Word count: 1378
  9. Analysis of chapter 4 of Turn of the Screw

    Ironically she mentions an "insane relative" and "confinement" when in fact she is the one starting to become 'insane' and is indeed the one confined to this large country house, away from the man that she loves, the one man she cannot get to. Further to this view of the governess' fascination with the master bringing up questions of her sanity, the very vision of Quint himself could help us to understand this. With no outlet for her feelings for the master, it can be said that the vision of the man she sees is indeed a manifestation of her feelings for the master.

    • Word count: 1615
  10. Write a character study of Celie, Albert, and Shug.

    Celie develops herself when she left Albert with Shug and has learned new skills which she used to live on. At the beginning of the storey we see that Celie has no control on her own life. She has been raped twice by who she thinks is her father, and both of her babies have been taken away from her. She does not "fight, I stay where I'm told." Even thought she was the one asking "Pa" to be married to Albert, she only did it as a self sacrifice to save her sister Nettie from being married to this person.

    • Word count: 1446
  11. Social outsiders are often treated in a cruel and unjust way. Explore the presentation of outsiders in the light of this statement. In your response, you should focus on Wuthering Heights to establish your argument and refer to t

    Lockwood the new tenant of Thrushcross grange, she refers to him with the personal pronoun "it". This is deliberately done to emphasize how much Heathcliff was unwanted in the house, to the point where "Mrs. Earnshaw was ready to fling it out of doors", and Heathcliff was also degraded him to the status of a thing. In his first night the poor child was not accepted by the two children to sleep, or even share their rooms. Nelly, not being any kinder let Heathcliff sleeps on the landing of the stairs. During the remaining life of Mr.

    • Word count: 1930
  12. Frailty, thy name is woman(TM)(TM) A.C Bradley has judged Gertrude to be a weak and unfaithful wife(TM)(TM) How far do you agree with this perception of her?

    Moreover Shakespeare's initial audience were Elizabethans who may have compared Queen Gertrude to Elizabethan royalty. The Elizabethan's queen, Elizabeth I prioritised her country over love which may contrast with Gertrude who may have been perceived as placing love before 'duty'. In the Elizabethan era it was traditional for a king to be mourned for a year after his death which again contrasts with Gertrude's marriage so soon after her husband's death. Elizabeth I cousin Mary Queen of Scots married Lord Darnley hastily after her husband's death reflecting the similarity of Gertrude's marriage to Claudius.

    • Word count: 1865
  13. Define the terms symbol and imagery, and analyze how each of the stories uses symbols to add depth to the quality of the story.

    Symbols in "A Rose for Emily" have a deep and underlying insight to the story. Faulkner uses them to represent the intangible qualities of Miss Emily Grierson, such as her physical and emotional deterioration. The Grierson house description compliments effectively the image of Miss Emily itself. In its prime, the house appears as "white, decorated with cupolas and spires and scroll balconies in the heavily lightsome style of the seventies" (Faulkner 74). It can be assumed that it is build not only for function, but also to show off and to impress the other townspeople.

    • Word count: 1388
  14. Flamineo in the prominent revenge tragedy John Webster play, The White Devil.

    As Webster was a great admirer of Shakespeare it is like Flamineo is based on the character of Iago and there striking similarities between the two, it would be difficult to distinguish between the two. Flamineo is a Machiavellian character, and his Machiavellian, deceitful manner makes him that much more sinister as unlike traditional evil characters who everyone is aware of, people trust Flamineo, and the trusting in Flamineo is something which Camillo pays the price for. Flamineo, like Iago, is degrading to women, even his own sister.

    • Word count: 1305
  15. Sherriff wrote Journey(TM)s End to show the destruction of war. To what extent do you agree with this statement?

    As the play progresses Sherriff shows the deterioration of the mental state of one the main characters, Stanhope who is a well respected and high status soldier. He entered the war young and full of hope but clearly not knowing the reality he will have to face, when we are first introduced to Stanhope he comes across as a corrupted drinker yet also as being praised for his bravery. The following quote suggests this; "When a boy like Stanhope gets a reputation out here for drinking, he turns into a kind of freak show exhibit.

    • Word count: 1054
  16. Kantorek(TM)s Extract From All Quiet On The Western Front

    marched under his leadership down to the local recruiting office and enlisted" showing how he abused his power in a way and used his authority to cloud the minds of the young men. Yet it appears the soldiers realise Kantoreks cunning ways into pushing them into enlisting " Schoolmasters always seem to keep their sentiments handy in their waistcoat pockets; after all, they have to trot them out in lesson after lesson" this emphasizes the ways in which young men were almost preyed on by authority, their vulnerability and innocence exploited in order to rally men for the war effort.

    • Word count: 1011
  17. A Literary Analysis of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

    The duchess' standard of living encompasses neither, but rather "turns [them] inside-out" (Auerbach 2). Carroll ridiculed the perfection for which his fellow Victorians strove, and created this symbolic scene with a message: embrace the imperfections of life. Alice's second encounter with reversed characters of Victorian society is the King and Queen of Hearts, who switch roles in Wonderland. The King is meek and submissive, while the Queen is domineering, bloodthirsty, and ruthless. These two characters mock the royal families of England, in that the kings, including Henry VIII and Richard the Lionhearted, were the rulers of their empires, and their wives were docile and weak.

    • Word count: 1719
  18. 'It is possible to defend the idea that Satan is the true hero of Paradise Lost'. How far do you agree with this view in relation to Books IX and X?

    As a result, it could be suggested that although he may have been heroic to begin with, he becomes less 'glorious' as events unfold. Satan's essential nature is described in his soliloquy; it comprises of destruction, in contrast to God's creation ('For only in destroying I find ease'). Satan gives the impression that he would have liked Earth (so 'productive'), but cannot, therefore feels a sense of envy and loss; in this respect, it is as though he is constrained by the limitations of Milton's fiction ['we see how much more interesting, as a character, Satan is than God' - Philip Pullman].

    • Word count: 1547
  19. Free essay

    Select a Specific Incident in The Aspern Papers that you believe to be a particular significance to the overall book and review its importance. The Aspern Papers is a novella written by Henry James.

    Jeffrey Aspern wrote these papers to express his love and devotion to his fellow lover, Miss Bordereau. The papers were personal to both lovers and they kept the great emotion between them, the narrator would have just published these personal documents on account of them being very good pieces of literature not putting into consideration the history and emotional connection between two people just to satisfy his greed. This is exactly what James set out to portray the conflicts involved when biographers (the unnamed narrator) seek to pry into the intimate lives of poets. The scene that I have specifically chosen to focus on is in chapter 8 from the middle of page 123 to the end of the chapter.

    • Word count: 1691
  20. 'In "The Turn of the Screw" the supernatural is the manifestation of chaos and disruption.' Discuss.

    to Bly makes herself, for the first time in her life, an object of sexuality, whilst also experiencing levels of freedom and social status which she had never before enjoyed. The circumstances surrounding the deaths of the Governess' predecessor, Miss Jessel, and her lover, Peter Quint, are immediately suspicious and are linked to behaviour that crossed certain moral boundaries. Jessel went for a "short holiday" according to Mrs Grose, from which she never returned, an explanation which arouses our suspicion that Jessel died in childbirth.

    • Word count: 1253
  21. Boccaccio's Decameron

    After establishing that his story is taking place in a time unlike any other, Boccaccio proceeds to distance himself from his sordid tales by making it as divorced from reality as possible, to reduce their impact upon the reader. Having portrayed the dystopia that was Florence at the time, he proceeds to magically create a utopia for his chosen band of men and women, a garden villa replete with servants, beautiful meadows, and excellent mind. The contrast could hardly have been greater.

    • Word count: 1809
  22. The Romantic Hero in Goethe's Faust

    The cold rationale of the Enlightenment was no longer adequate to explain the significance of life in a society where everything had so recently been turned upside down. Romanticism was the expression of this society's craving for answers and fulfillment. Everywhere, people embraced life passionately and lived as if on a never-ending quest for more. The Romantic hero embodies this ideal. Faust, obsessed with the necessity of action, follows a doomed path where his thirst for power eventually signals his demise.

    • Word count: 1600
  23. A Critical Analysis of 'The Yellow Wallpaper' by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

    It becomes apparent that her mind was alluding to this point by the way she speaks about her husband, "John laughs at me, of course, but one expects that." The structure of this sentence highlights the male laughing and the woman acquiescing, showed by the short sentence and the full stop - silencing any of her thoughts and opinions. An example of the dominant submissive relationship between them. He treats her as if she was a child and he was the controlling, domineering, yet loving parent.

    • Word count: 1235
  24. The Ministers Black Veil - review

    Most of the imagery deals directly with the black veil. For example, the quote "Such was its immediate effect on the guests, that a cloud seemed to have rolled duskily from beneath the black crape, and dimmed the lights of the candles." evokes a number of images and pulls the reader further into the story with the gloom emitted by the veil. The image of the cloud is used again in the quote " Thus, from beneath the black veil, rolled a cloud into sunshine, an ambiguity of sin or sorrow, which enveloped the poor minister, so that love or sympathy could never reach him.", but the quote also throws in a level of despair and concern for the minister.

    • Word count: 1032
  25. The Scarlet Letter: Yin and Yang in Literature.

    She will never again be able to live her life in peace, because of the piercing, condescending stare of her neighbors. Whenever she feels sad or insecure, she touches the scarlet mark of blasphemy. Sometimes, people try to keep their secrets inside, so that others don't know of their faults. The Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale bounds himself to secrecy with the shrouded knowledge that he is Pearl's actual father, the one in which Pester commits adultery. He, too, bears the demeaning letter, but his is not visible.

    • Word count: 1432

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