There are clear connections with violence in the media and violence in society.

Over many years people have debated on whether violence in media has an effect on society and if it is to blame for the increase in violence in our society.

Violence has always been a part of society. This is not the best part of society however it has always existed, when has there been a period of time where there has been complete peace? However this does not mean that violence in society should be encourage or accepted. This simply indicates that it is not because of media, music, movies or computer games why some people perform acts of violence.

There has been extensive research into this topic which has proved that there is a possible connection and there has been research which argues against this.

However this is still an ongoing debate which is prone to exaggeration and misinterpretation.

I will discuss how violence in media such as movies, music and computer games has an effect on society and to what extent this statement is true.

Computer games are often used as a scapegoat for acts of random violence performed by teenagers or adults. An example of this is when Devin Moore was arrested for shooting and killing three Alabama police officer. The prosecution team claimed that because he had been a regular player of the Grand Theft Auto series and that these games had influenced him into making the decision to perform this act of violence. However there were also other possible reasons why he may have committed these crimes. One was that he was abused as a child and this fact only came out during the court case. However when the story made the news they created an amazing headline “teenager kills three police officers after playing Grand theft auto” but this headline is not accurate.

This game may have had an affect on him because of the trauma which he had endured in his past and could have possibly given him the motivation to commit this crime. However to say that this game solely influenced him is another matter that would require a psycho analysis of his mental state. At the End of the trial Devin Moore was found guilty and the claim that he was influenced and motivated to commit these crimes by a game was disregarded.

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Violent games can have an effect on small children especially if their mind is still in the developing stages. There is more than enough evidence to make this statement. This does not mean that media is to be blamed completely because other factors have to be looked at also. Exposure to family violence, genetics and personality all are relative areas which should also be looked at when conducting this research.

High prices, age ratings of eighteen and adult concepts suggest that these games and consoles are actually being aimed at adults, this leads you to believe that children ...

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