Euthanasia should not be legalised

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Euthanasia should not be legalised

Euthanasia should not be legalized anywhere in the world, especially Australia. With todays developing research, there have been many mental institutions, which specifically deal with the terminally ill. Even though euthanasia may feel like the easiest way to give into death, many people have recently been overcoming their illnesses by attending institutions and clinics, which aim to mentally assist the damaged peoples who are consumed by the horrors of terminal illnesses.

It is most commonly believed that there is simply only two options that people with a terminal illness are open to; either they die slowly in unrelieved suffering or they may choose to receive euthanasia. However, there very much is a middle way, that of compassionate and creative caring. Expertise research in soothing medicine has in recent years shown that virtually all-unpleasant symptoms, which may occur throughout the process of terminal illness, can be either relieved or substantially eased by techniques, which already exist.

This has had its practical expression in the hospice movement, which has lead to the enabling of patients symptoms to be managed in a caring facility, or even at home. It is clear that in countries such as the Netherlands, where euthanasia is legalized, there is a very rudimentary hospice movement. Whereas in countries such as the UK, where euthanasia will remain illegal, they have established facilities, which specifically care for the terminally ill, a House of Lords committee recently ruled that there should be no change in the law to allow euthanasia.

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However, with the introduction of facilities such as these ones, which have been established throughout areas in the UK, there are still many patients presently dying in homes and hospitals, whom are not benefiting from these advances. There are still many patients who are receiving sub-optimal care due to the lack of facilities in the immediate area or because local medical practitioners lack the training and skill which is required to treat the terminally ill. The solution in solving this problem is not to give doctors a pass and open their cupboards to euthanasia, however it is to supply these ...

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