Evaluate the role of Alfieri in A View from the Bridge(TM)

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Evaluate the role of Alfieri in ‘A View from the Bridge’

In ‘A View from the Bridge’ by Arthur Miller, the role of Alfieri is very important as he is a commentator, narrator and, sometimes, a character in the play. He reinforces the theme of ‘Law vs Justice’ and foreshadows the tragic end of Eddie Carbone

Alfieri is used as a structural device to control the structure of the play. His prologue opens the play bringing the audience’s attention to him. “Something amusing has just happened” draws the audience’s interest and expects them to see what is going on in the play. Through his prologue, Miller tries to give the audience general information for understanding the play. The introduction of the idea of violence in the town “Al Capone” “Frankie Yale was cut in half by a machine gun on Union Street, two blocks away.” prepares the audience to see some violence at the end of the play and creates the ominous atmosphere foreshadowing Eddie’s death. Each time he appears on the stage, he gives the audience a clue to find out what is the ‘bloody course’. “I could see every step coming, step after step.” Because he knows what has happened to Eddie, he nuances the terrible events are coming. This creates a dramatic interest on the audience and makes them involved until the end of the play. Also, he sets the scene and controls the structure of the play maintaining the play ongoing. When the light is on Alfieri, audience realizes that one of the scenes is over and another starts. As the play continues without any break, this helps to keep the audience in suspense and maintain the tension throughout the play.

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Alfieri is a character in the play who is an intelligent, educated lawyer. His view is neutral and fair. The title ‘A View from the Bridge’ signifies that his view is important in the play. Alfieri is a ‘bridge’ between American and Italian cultures or between Eddie and Rodolpho. Through the uses of controlled and formal language, Miller emphasizes that he is the only educated person in a poor ‘slum’ place and the audience believes in what he thinks and says. “Morally and legally you have no rights, you cannot stop it; she is a free agent!” His language ...

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