Film review: Fight CLub (1999) and Commentary

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Film Review Commentary

This is a film review intended for an educated adult audience with an interest in either the film Fight Club specifically, or cinematography in general. It is written primarily to inform, and secondarily to entertain the reader. The sophisticated vocabulary of the piece dictates its primary audience, as it includes abstract noun phrases such as ‘supreme messianic order’ which some younger audiences may have difficulty in understanding.

Saying this, however, the piece does achieve a level of informality - despite the sophistication of its lexis - through use of non-standard verbs such as ‘munching’, contractions, and implementation of the second person pronoun ‘you’ (p1 l12) to directly involve the reader.

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In concordance with this, the conversational tone of the piece takes on a very fast pace due to the fact that the discourse is made up primarily of compound-complex declaratives (p3 l45). Seen too in quotations such as this is the frequent use of punctuation utilized in film reviews as a way in which to convey the desired message in as few words as possible. Similarly, anaphoric referencing is used to this same end: for instance (p3 l33) when ‘it’ is used to refer back to the aforementioned ‘coping strategy’.

Background information such as the film’s basis on a novel ...

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