Flying, Flaming Frying Pan

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Flying, Flaming Frying Pan

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People say when something drastic happens or when adrenaline is pumped through your body when you are exposed to a dangerous situation, your life starts flashing before you. But nothing of the sort happened to me on that Saturday night. No piece of my life flashed before me. Just a panic followed by shock then topped of by a calculating move which could have set my house on fire or had drastic consequences for somebody else. The feeling of blood rushing through my body and my heart thumping so loud in my ears still is clear to me this very day.

     It was a depressingly bad Saturday evening. For starters heavy rain was pouring down my windows and even looking through the windows my body shivered with an apparent icy touch. It had been like this for two days. Rain and storm thunder clouds had swept the nation. Typical I thought. It just had to be the day when we’re not at school. I surveyed the storm before me. Wind howled like a wounded wolf and rain splattered with the force and sound of a paintball gun. It didn’t pour down, it simply splattered against the windows panes. But in the end, it was the rain that saved me. The rushing liquid bullets and the cold night was what saved me.

     My mother had assigned me the task of feeding my eight year old cousin while she braved the storm to go shopping. Typical, I thought again. Nothing would stop my mother from doing her shopping. She had to buy some food supplies while I had the delightful task of feeding my cousin. That was sarcasm by the way. My cousin was one of those boys being perfectly fine but he did things that still scared you. It was when he stood there giving me that knowing look. Like he knew all your secrets, he reminded of a horror I saw once. It involved murderous puppets.

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     I cooked some toast, having nothing else to cook on my mind and two boiled eggs. Placing on the toast first, I slipped the knobs for both the cooker and grill. A rows of flames lit beautifully as rehearsed on the grill and the cooker produced a single dancing yet lethal enemy. Who would believe such a small innocent flame could burn down houses not that my house burnt down or did it? My cousin had been ill and the doctor had advised to feed him light food only so that explained making toast in the evening. I ...

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