For this piece of coursework, I am going to compare two Poems produced by Simon Armitage.

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Balraj Basrai        English Coursework        10/10/02

        Simon Armitage

For this piece of coursework, I am going to compare two Poems produced by Simon Armitage. His website has quoted that he is one of the most exciting younger poets that combines accessible humor and realist style with critical significance and has been short listed for the Whitbread Prize, TS Eliot Prize and Forward Prize. When he jumped genres, the critics moan about his first novel Little Green Man (2001) for its lack of poeticism; he said he "just wanted to tell a story", but the Guardian saw this tale of adult men trapped in childhood games as a "piece of low-key, frill-free lad-lit".

“About his person” is a poem about a dead man who has been discovered. The title of the poem gives a sense that someone has written him, such as a Police officer’s report. The form of layout is in 10 two-lined stanzas called rhyming couplets. The poem starts off in an ordinary way. It says “Five pounds fifty in change, exactly. A library card on its date of expiry”. He had a postcard stamped but it wasn’t sent to the person he was sending it to. The word “slashed” was used and this showed violence. It also showed that he was writing something quickly when the poem states “A pocket sized diary slashed with a pencil” From March 24th to 1st of April, something happened during that period of time and we don’t know what it is. This makes us wonder in suspicion, what it was about. In his hand there is a piece of paper with his own handwriting on it: “A final demand, in his own hand” and this suggests that it could be his bill order which is unpaid. It is not told what is exactly meant but I presume so.

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On the 6th stanza it says there was a rolled up note of explanation sprayed like a carnation. This gives us a hint that he committed to suicide. The words “explanation” and “carnation” both rhyme like a simile. It gives emotion to the poem from feeling sad about “his” death. He also had possession of a photograph that was in the shape of a heart. This has given a hint why he has committed suicide maybe because he lost a loved one. For example his wife, who would be important to him. “No gold or silver, but crowning one finger” states ...

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