Gap Year

Dear Chris,

     Hi, it is really a pleasant surprise to receive your letter! It’s nice to hear from you that you’re planning to go on a gap year of traveling around the world and taking a job. It may be a good idea to do so, but what I am really ecstatic about is the news that you have finished the first year of a medical degree in the university.

     I think you’re too impetuous in making your decision. Though I would find the decision tricky too if I were you. So, I would consider both options, for going on a gap year or pursuing the studies, very carefully as they have their respective benefits and drawbacks.

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     It’s quite true that traveling abroad may be a chance for you to have a break and to do something different apart from education. It may also improve your self confidence, assertiveness and also personal skills. For taking a job, it may be a good lesson for you to gain further life experiences. It could be possible for you to become more mature and widen your horizon at the same time. Nevertheless, I think gap year is not a good idea, because it may spoil your studies and career.

     While studying the medical degree ...

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