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Ghost tour speech analysis.

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Ghost tour of Chingle Hall Hello and good evening guys opening signals/greeting, gather round quietly please imperative. I'm your tour guide for the evening and will be showing you second person plural all the spooky bits of Chingle Hall. We'll first person plural start in the chapel, making our way through the back garden into the rest of the house. Hopefully you will find this as exciting, interesting and thrilling syndetic tricolon as I will! Erm, the tour shouldn't last much more than 2 hours overview and if you have any questions just pipe up at any time to ask them, Okay? ...read more.


You may think I'm making this up! But have a look for yourself at the far right corner and how only one beam is burnt. We'll now make our way into the kitchen. Careful guys, don't want you being hit with a pan by the poltergeist or anything! Performing in role (maybe)? Can you all hear me?interrogative Okay then signalling phrase, in this very kitchen it's been reported by a number of people, including a previous owner, that the pots and pans have been rearranged and noises of banging, clanging, scraping asyndetic tricolon of verbs have been heard. Feel free to have a roam about for a few minutes. ...read more.


I mean, not only have people felt her presence in here, but Eleanor sometimes gets a bit.. violent, you could call it. Whoa!exclamatory Watch out, you back there! Performing in role I guess this is slowly coming to an end now.closing signals It's been a good 2 hours adverbials of time and place, and although I don't wish to leave you alone with dear Eleanor and her pals, I am afraid I will have to! The way out is this way, if you wish to follow me, or you can stay and have a further look around by yourselves. Leaflets are available in the hallway downstairs, and there is a phonebox there too. Though might I warn you, it likes to randomly go dead sometimes.phatic talk Good bye everyone! exclamatory ...read more.

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