guy de maupasants the necklace

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        Mathilde de loisel  is pretty but poor and has no chance in life unless she marries. Without connections or money she has no entry into high society and marries an insignificant clerk. She is very unhappy.

        She suffers because of her cheap belongings, wanting expensive things. She dreams of wealth and of how other women would envy her if she could display finery. But such luxuries are unrealistic and unattainable for her.

        Her husband’s taste is for plain things, while she dreams of expensive gourmet food. She lives for her unrealistic dreams, and these increase her frustration. ”She has no decent dresses, no jewels, nothing. And she lives for nothing but these. She even thinks of giving up a rich friend because she is so depressed after seeing her. “She had a rich friend from convent days, whom she didn’t want to see anymore because she suffered so much when she returned home.”

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        One day Mathilde’s husband shows her an invitation they have gotten to a dinner at the Ministry of Education! This only upsets her. She claims to have no dresses to wear.  Loisel doesn’t understand her. He can’t sympathize with her unhappiness.” He stopped amazed and bewildered as his wife began to cry. “He volunteers to buy her a new dress and she takes advantage to the fullest. The dress costs Loisel his next summer’s vacation, but he is willing to make that sacrifice.

Right away Mathilde starts complaining again. She complains that she has no nice jewelry to wear so ...

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