Hong Kong


I’m writing a report about two documents that I have read and analysed. One of the documents is obtained from the internet and the other is paper based. Both of them are about Hong Kong but of course the style of language used in both documents is different.  


  • To write a 1000 word report/essay
  • To compare the similarities and differences between two documents
  • To identify the linguistic features within both documents


I had to do task one and task two in order to obtain information for writing this report. I selected two documents about the same subject which I read, synthesised and highlighted important information. Then I picked out 1000 words from each to compared and identified similarities and difference between them. I searched for relevant images and pictures to create a power point presentation.  


Title of 1st document

The book that I read is called “The Insight Guide to Hong Kong” which is edited by Scott Rutherford and Brian Bell. This document is very informative giving clear explanation of past and present Hong Kong, its culture and attractions.

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 Hong Kong was ruled by British until 1997 when it was handed back to China and it is said to be under the condition of “One Country and Two Systems which means it is part of China but its government will be of its own.

Chinese opera is an important possession for Chinese. Although it is losing its popularity amongst the younger generation in Hong Kong, it remains an integral part of Chinese entertainment and culture. Hong Kong is gifted because it has got a Harbour named the Victoria Harbour which connects it to Asia and the rest of the ...

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