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Hope and Glory work. Hello my name is Jack miles and I am 10 years old I live in the East End of London.I am writing to tell you how my life has changed since world warll.

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Hello my name is Jack miles and I am 10 years old I live in the East End of London. I am writing to tell you how my life has changed since world warll. Firstly when I heard about war it was just so exciting. I was thinking of how the Germans would die and how their heads would be chopped off and the blood just there dripping away. My friends and I were so happy we were just thinking of how the Germans are all going to be killed. There won't be such name called Germans because that name would soon be extinct after we sought them out. With my mum that was a totally different situation she thought I was ought to curve my mouth. She thinks she knows best just because she knows what it was like in World War I. Anyway who cares what it was like I was going to experience my own war. At the 3rd of September we all had to prepare for the war. My excitement could not wait anymore we had to start building are own shelter. The thing that made it more exciting was that we had to build the shelter in are back garden. It took a lot of work until it was done properly. ...read more.


As I got into school late I missed the register. I got whipped on my hands about 10 times it hurt so much I felt like slapping the head teacher for it. It was not my fault I could not find my gas mask. Anyway as we were about to start are math lesson the siren went off. We all had to run outside and go through a little passage way and sit down and put on are gas masks. When we all had are gas masks on are head teacher was asking us to say are timetables. We all could not be bothered so instead of saying it with are gas masks on we made fart noises. The best thing about it the teacher did not notice what we were saying. As I rushed back home I saw a couple of boys playing out. They looked at me then they started to chase me. They finally got me tied me up and covered my eyes. When they took the strap from my eyes I could not believe what I was seeing. It seemed like the boys had made there own club and it was made from a house that had got burnt down. The club was good. They asked me do I want to join the club. I said yes. They said do I know any swear words I said only one. ...read more.


When we came back it was all on fire and we were all crying and upset. My mum was not really worried about the house. She was just worried about my big sister. When the fire was all gone. My mum and my uncles and aunties all found, some stuff that never got burnt. We stayed at are aunts. We were going to go to are grandma and grandfather's house. Forever, the next days we collected are things and said goodbye to all are friends and relatives. As we were going past are old house I saw my friends playing in my old burnt up house. I was mad and started to beat them up. How dare they build their new club in my house. As we got to grandma's we had to say goodbye to are dad that was sad. We also found out some other news as well. I'm an uncle and my sisters pregnant. I just wish life were the same? My life has changed so much. Why can't we all be a family again why do we have to split up. Life should just be the same. I feel like it an' it worth living anymore. My dad's gone my sisters pregnant my mum has got burdens and me. I don't know what I feel anymore. All I wish is that things were the same and that we could all be a family again. ASSESMENT By Jemma Anderson 9k1/9a1 ?? ?? ?? ?? History coursework ...read more.

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