How does Atwood use the character Moira to present or explore themes of control and resistance?

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How does Atwood use the character Moira to present or explore themes of control and resistance?

Moira is presented as a character that gives in to resistance and control throughout her time in Gilead but, throughout the novel it becomes obvious that Moira will never get a lot of freedom and will always be controlled by men.

        Moira is presented as a character who gives in to resistance and control from the beginning and in chapter 1 the group of girls “stretch our arms out when the aunts aren’t looking” to show that she has no control over her actions with the status she has and that she lives for her own identity, and to be noticed as the rebellious character she is. Atwood presents her to the reader this way to show the lack of control Moira has over herself and that Moira is naturally brave by going against Gilead’s rules that we see more of later on in the novel.

        Atwood then comes to present Moira in a more vulnerable position after her first and failed attempt to escape Gilead. The aunts are the ones controlling her at this point by physically hurting her so she could no longer have the ability to escape because “her feet would not fit into her shoes, they were too big” and this shows Moira being controlled and dragged around very roughly. Atwood has done this to inform that reader that if a woman gives in to resistance or tries to give themselves a little control, there will be consequences but, not bad enough that they can’t play their role as it doesn’t require them using their feet and Margaret has shown Moira as an example because of her rebellious attitude.

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        During Moira’s second escape, she has been presented very heroic towards Offred and the other Handmaids because of her bravery. This event shows Moira gaining more control over her body and giving in to resistance by attacking Aunt Elizabeth with the pointed lever and saying “Ill puncture your lung”. At this pint however Moira still has some resistance in her but, she decides to control it because she knows the consequences shell have to face if she were to get caught. Atwood has presented Moira this way to give the handmaids inspiration by showing that someone has successfully escaped by ...

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