How does Friiel use language and stagecraft to discuss identity

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How does Friel use language and stagecraft to discuss identity

Friels main concern, writing in the 1980s, seems to be the struggle for identity. One interpretation of the play is that Irish identity has been continually threatened since 1591. Friel writes his play in 1988 whilst living through Irish civil unrest during the troubles of northern island. By setting making history in 1951, friel is addressing time span and the struggle for identity that he may feel began with the English/Irish power struggle. The book centres on Hugh O’Neil, who is the Earl of Tyrone and at the start of the play is 41 years old. He is described as a ' private, sharp minded man', and he is a good main character because he is an interesting person who has a lot of conflict in his life.

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Hugh O’Neil changing his accent from English/Irish to Tyrone, is a good use of a languageas he always speaks in an upper-class English accent accept on the occasions specifically scripted. The Tyrone accent usually happens when he is angry about something. ‘ Just to show him I haven’t reverted completely to type- would that be it’, Friel choosing to use this type of lanuguage shows that O'Neil is rebellious and is proud of his irish identity.

The arguement between  Mary and mabel in the garden shows how Mabels identity and alliegience has changed from English by Irish. This ...

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