How does Miller force us to judge all the characters in Act 3 of All My Sons?

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How does Miller force us to judge the characters in Act 3?

In Act 3, Miller forces us to judge Joe as the truth has finally come out. The audience realise how low Joe can sink and how morally wrong he was to let Steve go to prison when he was responsible. We begin to see him as cowardly and small, unlike how he referred to himself previously in the play as a ‘beast’. This is made very apparent when Miller uses interrogatives from Joe’s character to Kate’s. He’s desperate for help from her and it shows that actually he isn’t the real man of the house as he has to turn to her for answers. ‘How does he know?’ and ‘She doesn’t know, does she?’

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        Furthermore, these adjacency pairs in the form of question and answer between Toe and Kate also assert her power and strength that we begun to see at the end of Act 1 in the stage directions ‘sits stiffly in a chair.’ She is Joe’s rock and without her he would have no-one to turn to, to answer his questions or to keep him going.

        However, we also see that she’s panicking. In Act 2, she says to Chris ‘We’re dumb Chris… You’ve got to protect us.’ And this shows the audience that she was slightly panicked but also calculated. ...

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