How does Shelly portray the creature through her narrative?

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How does Shelly portray the creature through his narrative?

As the Creature tells his story of his ‘childhood’ in chapters 11 to 16 the pre-conceptions of the creature are challenged. It is the first time the Creature tells his story and immediately it is apparent of the humanistic features he beholds. “It is with considerable difficulty that I remember the original era of my being.” The simple statement proves how far physically and emotional he has come; physically his language has advanced compared to chapter 5 when he speaks “inarticulate sounds.” Emotionally he is not spiteful of the “birth.” His innocence is portrayed through the 11th chapter as the reader experiences the sensations and understanding the world as the creature does. “I felt cold also, and half frightened.” Shelly is creating a sense of empathy for the creature. When the Creature finds the De Lacy’s cottage there is evidence that he has feelings as he feels sympathy for the girl who has “enticed my life.” This furthermore shows his understanding of emotions because even though he can not tell why she is upset he still feels the “kindness and affection.” He learns of human morals, and feels guilty because he “inflicted pain of the cottagers” for taking their food in the night. Instead he finds other food and helps them in their “labours” by bringing their firewood. In doing this the reader gets a sense of compassion from the Creature, showing that it is nurture rather than nature that creates a “monster,” something that Victor does accept to. One aspect in the book at Shelly focuses on is the idea of nature verses nurture and whose fault is it really for the ugly aspects of society, the Creature.. The Creature is innately good but instances of being called a “wretch” and a “modern Prometheus.” as well as the rejection of the De Lacy’s can be seen as the trigger cause for the Creatures evilness, and eventually the destruction of his and Victor’s happiness.

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The upbringing of Victor and the Creature are different, furthermore emphasising nurture over nature, shown by their narrative. Victor’s childhood is filled with love from his mother and father, filled with knowledge and enlightenment “I was their plaything and their idol, and something better their child, the innocent and helpless creature”.  Ironically his “child”, the Creature, has a completely different upbringing; observing and alone. Victor aspires to usurp the roles of both God and women, to create a species who would bless him as their creator with imagery in the creation chapter suggesting the process of labour and birth; the ...

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