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How does Tennyson use poetic methods in Ulysses?

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How does Tennyson use Poetic methods in Ulysses Tennyson sets the narrative as king Ulysses from the beginning of the poem. This means the reliability of the narrator is considerably greater than if it were for example a third person narrative. Tennyson may have used this method of telling the story to expel any sense of doubt tin the reader about the events that are happening, as the poem is about a king- from a king?s perspective. In comparison however, this could add the possibility of bias to the poem. King Ulysses tells the reader of his travels, and heavily portrays himself as somewhat heroic; he has travelled far, fought hard and lived life to the maximum. However he is now stuck at home as an old man- this could mean he is exaggerates the memories he has to the reader, purely for impact, possibly meaning we as the reader do not get a balanced picture of everything that he describes such as his wife being ?aged? and that being all the information we receive about her. In the first stanza, Ulysses describes his current situation. ...read more.


The emotive language used in ?hungry heart? and ?scudding drifts? just add further emphasis to how strongly he feels about these experiences. Tennyson also uses enjambment to emphasis words like ?greatly? and ?gleams?, showing once again his passion. Tennyson uses several language techniques, such as metaphors when Ulysses describes his situation ?to rust unburnish?d? suggests he is decaying and not being put to use. He also uses assonance to emphasise a particular line; ?I am a part of all that I have met?- the repetition of the ?a? sound making the line stand out and become prominent when reading the line. By the second section, Ulysses describes his son to the reader with relative pride, though it is questionable. Structurally, this stanza is notably shorter than the others, possibly inferring it is the least important in Ulysses eyes. It could be argues that Ulysses describes Telemachus in a very cold way- we as the reader do not feel like these are the words of a loving farther, and likewise suggest that he is quite distant. Although he mentions how his son is ?well loved? of him, he later says, at the thought of his own death, ?he works his ...read more.


The chronological order now becomes apparent, section 1 being his past, 2 being the present and his son, 3 being his thoughts of sailing away in the future. The effect of this being a sense of ending- Ulysses starts the poem with no passion and drive, by the end he wishes to sail away, even though he is ?made weak by time and fate? he is once again ?strong in will to strive, to seek, to find? In conclusion, Tennyson uses several methods to do a number of things: he paints a clear picture of Ulysses and his character. As the reader we gain a deep insight into Ulysses? thoughts and characteristics, helping us to understand the situation more, this being very effective as a method of telling the story. Tennyson also uses the idea of chronological ordering to add a sense of wholeness to the poem- Ulysses is more alive at the end then he was in the beginning. The language Tennyson uses when describing Ulysses? past, and the thought of travelling the world, is very effective in showing us what it is Ulysses really cares about, and what it is that he doesn?t. the reader clearly understands that he feels stagnant in the present and alive at the thought of further travel. ...read more.

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