How does Wilde present the theme of love in chapters 1-10 of "Dorian Grey"?

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How does Wilde present the theme of love in chapters 1-10?

Many emotional themes are portrayed throughout the novel Dorian Gery. The characters have extreme and dramatic emotions and it is clear to see this throughout the chapters one to ten. One of the main themes conveyed throughout is the theme of love. The theme of love is very important in the novel as it suggests and shows the characteristics of each character and how their emotions affect the reader’s views on them.

The characters, who claim to love in the novel, are often under a misconception and show in many ways that they show a kind of extreme and unhealthy way. They do not show a healthy type of love.

The novel mostly conveys a darker, unhealthy type of love. This is shown throughout the entire novel and allows the reader to understand the extent of extreme and backwards emotions of some of the characters have within their personalities. This sense of love is made to be very normal within the characters’ social circles and overall outlook on the way people should be treated. The main male characters are all of a high social class and they have quite a controversial idea on the importance of how you treat people and how you should love. When Sybil Vane dies, Lord Henry was almost excited about the idea of such a controversial scandal to have happened to one of his friends. He was looking at the whole scandal as a positive, exciting thing to have happened to Dorian. This shows that Henry does not value the idea of life and love. This could perhaps be because Sybil is of a lower class as them so her life isn’t as valued, but nevertheless, he is showing a sense of enjoyment because of the young woman’s death which in itself is unhealthy and extreme.
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There is an extremely clear theme of platonic love shown throughout the novel. Dorian is seen as the ideal idea of love. Dorian’s beauty and looks is constantly mentioned by Basil and Henry and even other characters continuously throughout the novel. Although they continuously speak of his youthful beauty, they appreciate him in a more sensual way rather than sexual. This conveys the idea and theme of vein, platonic love as they are only actually infatuated and become obsessed by Dorian because of his physical appearance and his vulnerability as a young attractive man. Dorian’s beauty is something ...

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