How the character of Othello changes.

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Deterioration of the Character Othello

The play is created by the portrayal of the transformation of the play’s main character, Othello, whose love for his wife Desdemona is manipulated by Iago. The outcome of the ordeal is a character that is highly contrasting to that of before.

The setting of the play plays an integral part in defining the character Othello, as it places him against a back drop of political turmoil which acts as a perfect catalyst to the turbulent domestic issues faced by the character due to the conflict of his public and private life; issues that will ultimately undo the character. Initially the play is set in Venice, where all is well. A land of peace devoid of confusion and conflict, it is here where Othello is regarded in high respect as a valiant war hero. His status is complimented by the articulate nature of his speech, which is apparent in his meeting with the Duke in Act one, scene three “Most potent grave and reverend signiors/ my very noble and approved good masters….with such proceedings I am charged with all/ I won his daughter.

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Shakespeare is prone to the use of rhyme to illustrate the intellectual capabilities of a character, ergo his class, as a character that is able to speak with such fluency is obviously of a high intellect. He is respected even by those above him in the political hierarchy, evident in the words of the Duke as he makes contact with him referring to him as “Valiant Othello, we must straight employ you”. The sanity of Othello is maintained at this point, as he has the apparent ability to keep his personal life from interfering with his occupation, he himself stating ...

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