How typical is England to Her Sons of the poems in this section of the anthology?

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Arta Azemi 12C        English Essay                                       Mr Piper

“How typical is ‘England to Her Sons’ of the poems in this section of the anthology?”

        ‘England to Her Sons’ is typical to a few poems in the ‘Happy is England Now’ section of the anthology. I will be looking at the themes and ideas of ‘England to Her Sons’ and how other poems of the same section compare to it. I will also be looking at the attitude of the poet towards war, and the language and techniques used; again I will compare it to any other poem which is similar to it in that same section.  

        ‘England to Her Sons’ portrays England as a Mother. Throughout the poem, England is personified to be a Mother, and the people of England are portrayed as being the ‘sons’ and ‘children’ of Britannia. The voice of the poem is also Britannia. She addresses her ‘sons’ in the poem, telling them to ‘Gird’ themselves and go to war like the ‘sires before’ them.

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        Another poem that is similar to this poem is ‘Happy is England Now’. This poem also portrays England as a Mother. “Her faithfullest children”, like ‘England to Her Sons’ the people of England are being portrayed as being the “children” of England; England being the Mother- Britannia.

        In addition, ‘Fourth of August’ also personifies England. Though ‘England to Her Sons’ is personified as it is giving England a voice, in ‘Fourth of August’ the poet is saying that the ‘dear earth’ (England) ‘bore’ him. However, both poems personify England in saying that it gave birth to the people. In ‘Fourth of ...

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