Howdoes language development influence the child's written language ability?

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How does language development influence the child’s written language ability?

Language development milestones 

Language and communication

The way the brain processes information in the form of external stimuli i.e. words spoken or visual symbols, is called decoding. The process of producing response (by spoken or written language) is called encoding. The interrelationship between decoding and encoding is most apparent when a child is learning. A student regularly has to face situations where he has to respond either verbally or through writing. If the child’s brain has properly decoded the sensory input, it can encode the sensory output.

Delayed language acquisition is primary symptom of a possible language disorder. If the typical progression from cooing to babbling to speaking isolated words does not occur, then by the time such a child reach school he will have problems with names of colors, days of week etc, things that other children will have no problems with. This will later on have an affect on his reading and writing ability.

There are two types of language skills;

Receptive skills are the ability to understand what is said or written. Behaviors that may indicate problems with receptive language include;

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  • Poor recognition of vocabulary
  • Difficulty with the rate, complexity or amount of spoken or written information presented at one time
  • Requests for multiple repetition of information
  • Lack of attention in social conversations or teaching situations
  • Problems understanding or recalling what was read 
  • Difficulty remembering instructions or following directions

Expressive skills are the ability to use verbal or written skills to express an idea. As an individual recovers from the initial injury, most receptive and expressive language skills necessary for routine communication may appear close to normal. Rarely will there ...

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