In The Glass Menagerie Amanda is a bad parent who puts her own needs before her childrens. Discuss.

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‘The Glass Menagerie’

Amanda is a bad parent who puts her own needs before her children’s. Discuss.

It could easily be perceived by many that Amanda is a bad parent to Laura and Tom, through the way in which she seems to put her own needs before her children’s in many of the situations within the play, ‘The Glass Menagerie’. A case of Amanda being a bad parent and putting her own needs first, could be demonstrated through the way in which she constantly takes control and dominates every situation only thinking of herself, as well as shirking her responsibilities at times on to her son, Tom.

Amanda as the mother should be solely responsible, making sure they are cared and provided for.

However, Tom seems to regularly have both Amanda and Laura’s problems unfairly unloaded upon him, and then he is expected to solve these problems. Such as, Tom was forced into finding a job at the warehouse in order to support both his mother and his sister, effectively taking over the main parenting role of Laura. This can be seen when Amanda states how as soon as Laura is provided for, married and independent, then Tom will ‘be free’ to go in the direction he so desires.

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As a parent, Amanda displays key characteristics such as selfish and domineering behaviour. This can be seen directed mainly at Tom throughout the play and a key example of this behaviour is how she expected Tom to give up his dreams of becoming a writer and sailing away, just so that she could make sure he was always around to provide for her and his sister. She displays quite an ironic attitude by how she is portrayed as the selfish one but yet when Tom mentions leaving; he is referred to as a ‘selfish dreamer’ by Amanda. Amanda also ...

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