In The Silver Tassie. How does OCasey use the structure of his play in a powerful way?

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Sharon Maj How does O’Casey use the structure of his play in a powerful way? In The Silver Tassie" by Sean O'Casey is an expressionistic play that mainly focuses on the First World War, written in 1928, the extracts that I am examining are Extracts B1 and B2, these focus on two time periods from past to future renditions from before and  after the war, it shows the contrast between life before and after the war, and how the main character Harry is portrayed by the life before the war where he is shown to be strong and attractive in comparison to the future  where he’s shown as weak mentally and physically, I will focus on the way the author uses structure to convey powerful meanings throughout the two extracts. In the first Act, the author uses large amount of stage direction which gives wide indication to what is happing in the scene creating vivid detail
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to the play. Harry is shown as a hero as he won a football match on his last day before leaving for the war, he has a positive status as when he was “carrying… On their shoulders” and everyone was standing “Up…Up” the repetition shows that everyone is respecting him and they are excited and feeling happy about the victory. Harry is also being shown as “healthy stomach, lusty limbs” which emphasize that he is good looking and strong, the audience like him as he is being shown as the hero of that specific event “The picture.. The picture… of ...

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