In "Titus Andronicus", William Shakespeare has used food throughout the whole text to represent revenge

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In Titus Andronicus, William Shakespeare has used food throughout the whole text to represent revenge, not only does making them eat the pie make Titus feel fulfilled, but he also feels there has been justice.

William Shakespeare has made sure that Titus has authority when speaking to both Chiron and Demetrius, ‘stop close their mouths, let them not speak a word’, he has used a strong declarative to emphasize that whatever his says is what will happen. This could be because he wants to let them know they aren’t as powerful anymore by lowering their status; however at the same time he is also stating that they may have been in charge before when they had raped his daughter, yet now they are nothing and he is under control, he has done this by using the personal pronoun ‘them’ to emphasize it.  This is a complex sentence; Titus is continually speaking so that they have no say, this ensures that they know Titus is furious, and what they did was terrible, thus showing that Titus has no sympathy.

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Shakespeare has also used emotive language ‘both her sweet hands, her tongue and that more dear’, he has again used personal pronouns, showing that this is personal to him since this is his daughter, this will have an impact on the reader because they will sympathy towards Titus,  even though he killed Titus’s  son in the past. This is effective because it shifts the whole focus of the play onto Lavina, which emphasizes the importance of revenge to him.

Titus has used a personal pronoun to highlight, that he will torture them by making them into food, ‘I will ...

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