In What Ways Is The Creation Episode In Frankenstein Important?

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In what ways is the Creation episode in Frankenstein important

The  Creation episode is naturally narrated solely by Frankenstein and describes the zenith of all of Frankenstein’s work, the “Immaculate conception” of the “Creature”  and ironically his revolted reaction to his handiwork. The episode gives insight into the nature of the natural order within the novel as well as into the workings of Frankenstein’s mind. The creation episode in Frankenstein is important because it profoundly emphasises how imprudent one would be to toy with nature. Frankenstein in all his blinded exuberance does not realise till much later that his desire to circumvent the female body as the source of life only boomerangs and instigates some very calamitous  tribulations for him. Moreover his appalled and deleterious response to his actions act as symptoms to others who may want to overextend into the scientific field.

Within the creation episode there is a resilient contrast : between Frankenstein’s self- inflated view of himself and what he actually is like. There is a period in time when Frankenstein speaks of the “power in his hand” and refers to himself as a “creator”, in describing himself so highly Frankenstein himself inadvertently shows  just how supercilious he is. “ I doubted not that I should ultimately succeed” shows how confident he feels, although soon it becomes clear that his aspirations surpass meager developments in science. In similarity to Robert Walton, he wishes for personal glory, for a “new species...(to)…bless me as its creator . This is how Frankenstein hopes to be however the reality reflects the horror of his creation. He turns into a “possessed” and “emaciated” nocturnal being with a “breathless eagerness”. Rather than a person of advancement and discovery he morphs into one that is detached from society, perturbed and unrecognizable; with Shelley gifting us with images of Frankenstein “dabbling in dirt” and scavenging in graveyards, the suggestion that he is turning into a maniac is cemented as a fact.

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The  Creature’s creation is similar to a birth as both events are welcoming a new being into the world, although the birth of a child is a joyous occasion, the "Creature's" "birth" does not  get a happy reception from its creator Frankenstein in fact the atmosphere could be described as dull and bleak . Even performing the task of creating the Creature seems to cause Frankenstein pain “almost amounting to agony”. Implying that it is with abundant reluctance that he performs this mission almost as if he prophesizes a sinister outcome and is trying to avoid this . Pathetic fallacy is ...

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