Independence Birth or Death of Scotland?

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Independence – Birth or Death of Scotland?

In an independent Scotland, there would be a low crime, drugs and alcohol rate. Scotland would be so rich that everyone would have a paid job and there would be no unemployment. Half the population would be able to afford fancy cars and houses and businesses would be very successful. Scotland would be the in the spotlight as they would win the world cup and have the best sports players. The streets would be clean, clear and there would be no such thing as pollution. Scotland would be so rich that they would be able to pay off every penny of the national debt and even lend some money to England!

In reality, this is far from what could potentially happen if Scotland became independent. Perhaps if Scotland did not face the problems it had today, then maybe some of this could happen to some extent. If Scotland were to break away from England and Wales, everything would have to be divided equally. This includes Scotland’s share of national debt, defence and their own oil resources. The main question is, why exactly should Scotland be independent? For over 300 years, Scotland has been a major part in Britain’s success but now in a time of deep recession, people have a growing desire for independence!

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“In the event of such a separation it would be the duty of any English government to negotiate the best terms possible for its population, even to the detriment of Scotland. In such circumstances, it may be the Scots who are sent home to think again.” – Philip Cowan. [1]

Scotland simply cannot afford independence. Our economically challenged country would not be able to stand on its own two feet against big players in the global market. Scotland as an independent country would begin life with an enormous sum of national debt. This started when banks were forced ...

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