Introduction to Shawshank redemption

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     The introduction to Shawshank “sequence uses techniques which involve us further in the unfolding story. These techniques include the use of sound, camera shots and dialogue, each of which powerfully shapes the sequence.


    Our first impression of Shawshank is shaped through the use of sound. The sound of the prison siren is piercing and alerts us to the arrival of Andy and the other new inmates. The harsh sounds of the inmates taunting, teasing and jeering, “Fresh Fish.” Their taunts show what the Shawshank environment can do. Men behaving like cages animals,

speaking with cruelty and brutality. The rattling sounds of the barbed wise fences as the inmates jeered, also shows this brutality. The guards footsteps, the handling of their guns, the prison public address system are some other sound example which gives us further impression of brutal, aggressive and strictly controlled environment.

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   The use of background music highlights further the brutal and cruel environment within Shawshank. The background music is sad, solemn and build on intensity throughout this sequence. This music creates a mood, an atmosphere of brutality, cruelty and we sense evil lurking within the walls of Shawshank. The use of background music leave us with a strong impression of danger and threat.


    The use of voice over is another technique used by the composer to shape up the story of Shawshank. This is particularly effective and dramatic technique which allows us to looks at Andy ...

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