Is it fair to say that Beatrice is a tragic victim in A View from the Bridge?

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Is it fair to say that Beatrice is a tragic victim in ‘A View from the Bridge?’

Beatrice on the whole is can be seen as represented as a strong and stable character, the evidence to support this is that she shows loyalty and offers support towards the people in her family especially towards her husband Eddie; she describes him as an ‘angel’ (P.8) and tells him that she’s ‘worried’ about him (p.8).  It is ironic that Beatrice is shown as a caring character at the start of the play   as during the end of the play we see how frustration leads Beatrice into becoming a different character to how we saw her in the beginning of the play. Through the end of the play Beatrice starts to lose her temper when she sees Eddie’s real feelings for Catherine. From there on the audience sees a different side to Beatrice as she starts off as a calm character and is then seen as frustrated. Beatrice is also shown as a mother figure to Catherine (her niece); However, Eddie’s over protectiveness towards Catherine creates differences in Beatrice’s marriage therefore Beatrice can be seen as a tragic victim because of her husband’s obsession with her niece.

                        Beatrice could be seen as a tragic victim because although it is not directly shown, we are able to see that Beatrice has no children of her own therefore she cares for Catherine as if she were her own child. However, her love for everyone can be seen as a flaw and could show her as a tragic victim because she loves Catherine yet her husband has feelings for Catherine.  ‘I’m just worried about you, that’s all I’m worried’’ (p.6) this quotation shows that Beatrice is loving and caring towards Eddie. Furthermore, we are able to see that this is her biggest downfall. Her love and affection for her husband is something that contributes and leads her towards being a tragic victim. Nevertheless, her love and care for her husband is something that she has to do as she is a woman. In them times a man was seen as powerful this meant that a woman could not go against him. Eddie can be a seen as a powerful character; even though Eddie is actually the aggressive character, ironically he constantly tries to put the blame on Beatrice. ‘’.... it a shootin gallery in here and I’m the pigeon….’’ When Eddies power is threatened he tries to blame it on Beatrice as though it is her fault and he is under pressure from her yet he is the one who fears that his dominance may endangered and therefore he tries to make it look as if he is the tragic victim when ultimately it is Beatrice who is the tragic victim.  

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                     Nevertheless, Beatrice is not presented as a tragic victim as although her husband was possessive of her niece, Beatrice is aware of this and is able to see her relationships breaking down. However, although this is obvious to Beatrice she talks to her husband but does not try to stop what is happening.  Beatrice tells Eddie, ‘Well then, be an uncle then’ (p.g 38) this shows that Beatrice starts to become more irritated with Eddies attitude with Catherine and starts to notice the change with him. However on the other ...

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