Jane Eyre - Jane's character in chapters 5-10 The Lowood chapters.

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Jane’s character in chapters 5-10

The Lowood chapters.

In the Lowood chapters, Bronte successfully engages the reader’s sympathy for Jane Eyre by using many techniques enabling the reader to examine Jane’s character fully.

 ‘Is she going by herself’ asked the porters wife


‘And how far is it?’

‘Fifty miles’

What a long way! I wonder Mrs. Reed is not afraid to trust her so far alone.’

Bronte uses the technique in which she does not tell the reader how Jane feels but shows us using the people and the surroundings around Jane which is a good technique although it does not show exactly how Jane feels, but does show the reader how other people feel about Jane. Bronte’s technique shows that Jane is isolating herself from her feelings and not letting the reader know how she truly feels, she cannot talk or reflect her feelings to anyone. During her ride to Lowood because she doesn’t know anyone there, Jane then becomes shy and less confident.

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After Jane reaches Lowood and describes the food given to her, and her living conditions you feel sympathy for her. People need food to think properly and as Jane had no food on the night she arrived at Lowood, as she was too excited and she was unable to eat breakfast. Jane may not have been able to think to her full extent and the teachers at Lowood would punish her if she was not concentrating nor had the answer to the questions given to her, and this affected Jane severely. Bronte in the first few chapters reflects Jane’s emotions ...

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