Keeping in view the present situation of Pakistan, national, political, individual or any sort of achievement is not possible with the current status of education in this country.

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Education: Master key to success

“Those who know cannot be like the ones who do not know. Of course, knowledge and ignorance are like light and darkness which can never be alike.”  (Holy Quran)

Education is the most important factor which plays a leading role in human development. It promotes a productive and informed citizenry and creates opportunities for the socially and economically underprivileged sections of society. Globalization has made economic life more competitive and demanding, making human expertise development more significant. Only as educated workforce equipped with modern skills can compete and benefit from exploiting the opportunities created by globalization.

“Education was born with the birth of the human race and shall continue to function as long as the human race lives.” (William Shakespear)

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This quote tends to highlight the importance of education as an essential human virtue, a necessity for society, a sign for freedom and development and a basis for superiority, happiness and success. Throughout history, education has remained the only institution through which man guided his destiny and shaped his successful future. Education is a big source of evolution that has passed through many stages of mankind and reached the present age of science and technology. Therefore, if the importance of education could not be denied in those earlier times, then how would be it possible to strive for a better ...

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