Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The aim of the report is to examine this area.

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To:                 Ministry of Education

From:         Robert Majchrzak

Subject:        Learning foreign languages among teenagers

Date:                05 February, 2004.

Purpose of the report.

Learning foreign languages is becoming more and more popular and necessary nowadays. The aim of the report is to examine this area. I wanted to find out if people consider learning foreign languages easy or difficult and, which skills are problems for them. I was also interested in the reason why they want to study foreign languages, how they want to use them, which foreign languages they learn and for how long. Finally, I wanted to find out what the respondents think about the idea of creating one universal language for all the people in the world.

My survey was carried out among 28 young people aged 17 – 18 years old. The respondents were both girls and boys (17 girls and 11 boys). All of them are secondary school students and they come from different social background. They live in villages or small town.

                                                                                                                       Methodology used

In today’s fast – moving world the knowledge of foreign language is necessary. People, especially the young ones, should particularly interested in it. I wanted to find out what their understanding of this problem was, how they perceive it, what problem concerning learning foreign languages they have.

The data included in this report was obtained by means of
a questionnaire. Constructing the questionnaire I was thinking how to create
a questionnaire which would be easy to understand but also which would give me enough information that I needed. I decided to create ten questions. The types of questions were different. I used open – ended questions, multiple choice. In some of the multiple choice questions students were asked to choose more than one answer. In more complicated questions students could give their own additional information in spaces which were provided for it.

This research was carried out during the breaks between lessons at school. The survey was anonymous and included 10 questions. Questions were written in Polish language so that the respondents could understand them easily and have no problems with giving the answers. The questionnaire was created in such a way that each respondent could fulfill it within less than 5 minutes. During the break I asked  a few students to answer my questionnaire. They did usually not have any difficulties with it. I informed the students that the survey was anonymous. In some cases I gave some additional information about it. On the whole, students did not rather have problems with the questionnaire.

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After surveying I created a chart in which I put all the results of my survey. In this way the results of the research were clearly seen and it was easy to analyze them.

Predictions and findings

The first question of my survey was about the sex of my respondents.
I believed that there may be some differences in approach to learning languages by girls and boys. My predictions were justified. Fifty per cent of boys were of the opinion that learning foreign languages is not a pleasure but hard work. Opposite to that findings only a small ...

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A thoughtful analysis of report. Writer is aware of limitations of questionnaire and how it could be improved. More analysis of findings would be useful. Some repetition and at times lapses in expression make meaning unclear. 3 Stars