Lone Wolf. He reached into a pocket. BANG! Goraz the ape man had been struck! Jonah blew the smoke from the barrel of his golden revolver. Dont say I didnt warn you, he said smugly.

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Lone Wolf


“Hmm its no good, there is no way this will work. She’s still only a young girl. We’ll have to inform the boss, we’ve failed!” the surgeon looked dejected, staring intensely at his partner.

“Yes, you are most correct, shall I make preparations then?”

“Make it so.” The two, doctors made their way out of the room and down into the endless hallway to alert their leader. However waiting for them in the shadows of the night was certain doom…


The hospital was cold, dark and lonely; the surgical tools casting frightful shadows upon the walls. “Yet another day passes and I still cant remember anything. How did I get here? Ahh! I wish it all made sense.” That patient was a young girl who had lost all of her memory three months ago.

          Footsteps were creeping down the corridor. They were getting closer to her.  “Who’s there?” said the girl, her voice quivering like a frightened puppy. The door opened. An ominous figure began to approach her. She screamed, but no one heard her. “Hey, hey, calm down missy, is that any way to greet your knight in shining armour?” The man wore a long trench coat darker than a raven’s wing with his snow white hair which gleamed in the moonlight

“Who exactly would you be?” asked the girl.

“Can you answer that for yourself?”

“…No… I have amnesia and as a result have forgotten everything including my name.”

“Ha. If you insist upon calling me something then call me Jonah.”

“Ok then, pleased to meet you Jonah,” she still didn’t quite know what to make of the man, was he friend or foe?

“Hmm I suppose you’ll be needing a name too. Celeste is a good name for you since you look like such an angel,” Jonah gave her a wink whilst wearing a cheeky smirk.

“I…” Celeste was blushing redder than a tomato; she couldn’t remember when a man last gave her such a compliment (most likely due to her amnesic state).

“Well then, shall we get going?”

“Where to, and why do you want me to come with you? I still have no idea who on earth you really are,” spouted Celeste, she was now rather tense.

“All will be explained in due time, all I want to do is help you find meaning for your life,”

“That’s a little hazy, but I trust you. I know I  shouldn’t, but I think all the late nights and medication are effecting my judgement. Oh, that’s right I don’t have any clothes except for this smock.”

“Ha. Don’t fret Mon Cheri, Jonah’s got it covered,” he gave Celeste another smile, then reached into his coat and pulled out a pair of jeans and a sports jacket. “I know its not much but it shall do until we can get you fully clad,”

“Thank you. Excuse me for a moment,” Celeste rose up out of her bed and pulled the curtain round, while she changed. When she was finished they left the hospital and wandered into the night.

“So where to first Jonah,” enquired Celeste.

“We’re heading due south from here to a small village called Donn’Lo, the capital of this country. Its quite a way away you quite sure you’re up to walking?”

“Yes,” she said with a burning passion; if she was going to discover her lost memories she needed to be committed.


Jonah and Celeste had settled into an inn after walking for many hours. The inn wasn’t anything special; no swimming pool, only 3 rooms, terrible plumbing to name a few problems, but it did however have a strange sort of charm. The village in which it was nestled was a lively market village bustling with people from all walks of life, going about their daily lives.  

“Yawwwn. Good morning Jonah, did you sleep well,” Celeste asked whilst rising from her bed.

“Why yes thank you. I’m going out to buy some supplies, would you like anything in particular?”

“Erm, could you buy me the news paper after all I was out of it for a long time and I want to see if I’ve missed anything?” she asked.

“Your wish is my command milady,” he said sarcastically, “…you may do whatever you want while I’m away, though under no circumstances are you to leave the inn. Understand?” his tone was now much more serious.

Celeste was taken aback by his sudden mood shift, “Ok I’ll stay right here.”

With that Jonah left the room and headed outside.

          Jonah walked down a small alley near the outskirts of Donn’Lo where a lone figure was standing, cigarette in hand. “Ya took ya time Joany boy, I was gettin’ worried ‘bout ya. Anyway ya got the package?” asked the man.

“Yes, I have her, tell the boss the plans going exactly as scheduled. I’ll get her to ‘the nest’ in a month or so, that is providing there aren’t any ‘inconveniences’ along the way,” replied Jonah.

“Ya had better, for your sake,” After the meeting Jonah began walking back to the inn when he saw a ghastly site; Celeste had left the inn and found herself in quite the sticky situation.

             “Gwhararar! I have the lycan, now no one will be able to stop me!” a large stocky fellow held Celeste over his shoulders and began to carry her off down the road. “Let go of me you big ape! ( how very cliché, I feel like a damsel in distress from a fairy tale)” she thought to herself, “…(now all I need is my knight in shining armour…”  

“You, the large one, put the girl down and I might let you live,” Jonah was glaring at the man with feral intensely.

“What’s a punk like you gonna do against me, eh?” he approached Jonah, squaring him in the eye. Jonah slowly unbuttoned his coat. It fluttered in the wind. He reached into a pocket. BANG! Goraz the ape man had been struck! Jonah blew the smoke from the barrel of his golden revolver. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he said smugly. He returned his duelling pistol back into its holster and began advancing towards Goraz’s corpse. Tap, tap, tap… Goraz’s eyes opened and he sprang into the air at an incredible velocity. “No, this isn’t possible! How could he have survived that shot, I struck him through his heart…” Jonah pondered to himself. Celeste lay unconscious on the ground; Jonah ran towards her to get her to safety. “OH NO YOU DON’T! IF I CANT HAVE THE LYCAN THEN NO ONE SHALL!” bellowed Goraz as he began plummeting down to earth at an exponential speed heading straight for Jonah and Celeste. He didn’t have much time to act. Jonah quickly positioned himself directly between Celeste and Goraz. Once again he took his gun from his coat. Goraz was 300m away. Jonah put a crimson bullet into the chamber of his revolver. Goraz was 100m away. Jonah took careful aim and fired. This time the bullet worked, tearing through the ape man from head to toe. “That was  close. Who was he and how did he know Celeste’s true identity? I’ll have to ask around and see what I can dig up,” Jonah lights a cigarette and takes a deep breath in.

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“Hmm, mm. Oh hello, back from your shopping so soon?” Celeste asked Jonah after regaining consciousness. He gave her a hard stare back.

“Don’t act like you don’t remember, you left this room when I explicitly told you not to. You were almost killed Celeste.” He replied in a harsh yet emotional tone.

“I was curious. You seem to have forgotten that I was stuck in a hospital bed for goodness knows how long, I wanted to see if the world had changed that’s all.”

“Well next time tell me if you plan to do such a ...

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