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“Lost Hearts” Essay

A ghost story is a tale that tells use about sprits in the world, who haunts people.  They have unfinished work with the living and cannot pass on. They are mysterious stories which make the reader use his imagination. They are horror because these involve blood, very violent and physical images rather than allowing use to worry and doubt. However this is more likely to be tense, and the way the place and people are described. It also builds up as you are reading.  Stories are often worrying in isolation, unusual situations; the reader is aware straight away that is a terrifying atmosphere.

I think Mr. James; the writer of “The Lost Hearts” is a successful ghost story writer because the setting shows an alarming, ghostly atmosphere. It makes us feel tense, the way it is described and is mysterious too.

The introduction of the story starts by describing the setting and the atmosphere. The setting of the story is Aswarby Hall. The boy saw, a tall square, red brick house. Red might symbolize blood and it could be a worrying sign.  Their were many windows, which show the building is very big. This is very frightening, as they look shadowy and are lit up like fires. The buildings were close to each other, which show that inside is very dark.  The flat park had Oakes fringed with firs, this proves that the place looks very creepy and that there’s not many people living there. The atmosphere makes use feel very spooked, especially for the young boy who arrived alone.

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Mr. Abney is the first main character we meet. The readers first impression of him is of an  odd  man.  He asks questions of his cousin which are not very important “How old are you boy” in the first two minutes of the conversation. This is odd because he has asked these questions twice in the first two minutes and he told Stephen that “I need to write things in my diary” is strange way to make his small cousin welcome. He is not a family man and lives alone .A person who doesn’t like to go out, possibly ...

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