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Jumping On The Band Wagon

The young people of today seem to

lack identity, they feel as though they

don't have a place in today's society,

they feel as though just because

they're young they're useless. This has

made people insecure and now they

all feel they have to dress and look the


You see these people in groups, all wearing the same thing and listening to the same music. They claim to be individual, but they're all like
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Take their music; when you talk about bands and music that no one has ever heard of, they immediately think that they're no good. This musical snobbery is what is causing this division sheep like attitude and all of these social divisions.

If you listen to a certain type of music you have to wear a certain type of clothes.

But what if you don't like the same music or clothes as your friends? What if you actually want to be different?

You may be wondering why this matters; so what, what if ...

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