Monologue & commentary on street car named desire

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Angelique Hunter


A Streetcar Named Desire


If I had a dime for every foul word exchanged between either my sister or husband I’d be half way to riches by now, same as if I had a leg of meat for every time the favour was returned, I could feed both sides of the tracks. It’s the hardest thing…when the two most important people in your life don’t connect. You spend hours, days, and months trying to figure out where it all went wrong? How could two people who mean so much to you mean nothing to each other? The answer is simple: When your sister is bridging on insane and your husband’s brutal nature takes a turn for the worst, you know that your life is crumbling around you. And its then that you panic.

Imagine standing at a crossroad, you have a choice… no not a choice, more like an ultimatum. You could turn right, the journey to your past. You understand this route; it’s a route you’ve taken before. You know the twist and turns that route offers you. Do you follow it? Or do you turn left and take the second road, the road representing your future. You feel safe, you feel strong, and you feel in control. You are aware that there will be obstacles along the way, but you can do it because you’re not alone. What do you do? – Well, you’d do what any other person would do, follow your future, right?

I’ve worked hard to get where I am. I know it’s nothing special, but it’s special to me. I’m building something here. A family. Something I never had before to call my own. I had Blanche, dear Blanche…my darling sister. The mere mention of her name overwhelms me with guilt. My only consolation i have is the love I still have for her, and the hope that Blanche will get better, that she will grow stronger. Strong like my Stanley. There is a man who makes me go weak at the knees. ‘Where’s my dinner?’ he belts, ‘In the fridge, honey’ I reply. He is a man who knows what he wants. And I am lucky enough to be on his list. That’s exactly why I couldn’t leave him, I could never leave him.

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Pig – Polack – Disgusting – Vulgar – Greasy, I heard Blanche shout out. She’s never been one to hold her tongue our Blanche. But I still love her. It’s been hard having her here, there’s been tension in the house, tension so thick you could slice it with a knife. A certain sort of awkwardness in the air. She had to go…didn’t she? She couldn’t have stayed…could she?. There was no choice, Blanche had to go, this was the one way I could save her, this is the one way I could control her. Thank goodness for my ...

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