Monster-ous Regret. The lake was very deep and dark. There was something circling the tiny island waiting for a new prey to come.

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Monster-ous Regret

By Arezoo Kalan

He deserved it, the monster.

In the far south-west corner in Uganda lies Lake Bunyonyi, surrounded by the striking scenery of the steep hills and glimmering deep blue waters. Packed with gripping views from every angle, there are a few patches of forest surrounded by small villages, each with a local healer. Most villages are isolated from others but being in one is fun, with children playing, singing, and dancing. Some are looking after crops as it their only source of food on the high hills surrounding the lake.

            There are all types of birds flying around but the most common are the lethal crows, flying above Akampene Island also known as Punishment Island. Punishment Island is where no one dares to go, as the spirits of dead women haunt it. The island is tiny. Out of the only two trees on this island, one tree is already dead, no more, no less.

            It is very quiet, except for a scary wind which brushes around you: you not only hear screams of pain, you also smell death.

            The lake was very deep and dark. There was something circling the tiny island waiting for a new prey to come. It was the monster, Akumbe, with red eyes and luminescent orange skin. It had four hands on a snake-like body, with two legs and it could walk and swim. With long, sharp canine teeth, this creature would kill anything that came its way, including innocent girls who were banished to this island.

They were sent there only when they would get pregnant before marriage. This was thought to be a lesson for the other girls to deter them from getting pregnant before marriage. This was a tradition started thousands of years ago, when a man called John Makumbe, and his wife, Marie Makumbe, had a daughter called Eve. They lived on Kyahugye Island. She was a humble little girl with dreams to become like her father, the leader of the tribe. She thought she was strong and beautiful. She got everything she wanted, like beads for making crafts. She loved making crafts. She also wanted to learn how to swim, but no-one in her tribe knew how to, so her dad promised when she would turn eleven he would find someone to teach her.

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Time passed by and Eve eagerly awaited for her eleventh birthday. Nine months earlier when she had turned ten her problems began. She fell ill and started getting pot belly, making her stomach bulge. Her parents thought she was just getting fat. A day before her eleventh birthday, John had an inkling that she might be pregnant. He took her straight to Bushara Island where the best traditional healer lived. She was pregnant, not knowing of the disease called pot-belly. John was so angry that he locked her up in the hut and gave her nothing on her birthday, May ...

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