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Moonstruck Article from Ainsburry Telegraph, 12 January 1987 Assignment 1a Daniel Klonaros There was a private journal of one Jennifer Orgberry found aboard a private research ship that had previously been unheard of since it departed on the journey to find the wreckage of the "Meralda". The "Meralda" was a trading vessel which had vanished on it's voyage to Japan in the late 1700s. We have uncovered this relevant insert: Day 1 Whilst researching this damp, gloomy, beached wreckage I have discovered an incredible talent in myself, I have the gift of sight of ethereal beings, although I have only managed to grasp the presence of a single entity. The entity seems to give off a certain aura of grey light. Too frightened to proceed, I decide to return tomorrow to capture more information. ...read more.


These unlikely circumstances arise in the event of an interrupted perfect death. You see, in the scenario of a flawless demise the "soul" will always depart from it's host body in the instant before death, thereafter the host vessel will be physically rendered useless by the cause of demise. The soul and it's host vessel are linked until one ceases to exist, however if by some phenomenon the body is rescued from infliction at the very point of the soul's departure it will continue to live without an in-cling of a connection to it's forfeit soul. The host vessel will then continue to function, programmed on the knowledge that resides in the brain as if it were robotic, nobody would ever know that the soul had left the body. The "soul" on the other hand will not transform into the perceived "spirit" and follow the theoretical path. ...read more.


The sails glowed as if they were weaved from the finest, cream silk and the deck had been extensively polished into a great gleaming mirror. My fellow crew members and I have set forth on a journey to the arctic barrens in the land of Japan. We have acquired this plan as a means to swindle and exchange our various rarities from half the world away, the rarities range from the distinctive design of jade statues pillaged in Egypt to the once lost pages of an ancient language gathered from historic tombs. Walter Cunnings Today I had another blackout, I had awoken on the front deck of my barge with a horrific, throbbing heada... This was all that had been written, the page had drops of blood scattered along the bottom. There is still no knowledge as to what had happened to Jennifer Orgberry. Daniel Klonaros ...read more.

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