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My work experience.

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My work experience My placement was with a company called Oliver Lintotts Tree Surgery. I have known Oliver for about 2 years as he is my boss's son. When I heard that my placement would be with him I was thrilled as I had worked with him before and tree surgery is a very exciting profession. I knew I could expect hard work and a good laugh. The last time I worked for him, Andy, one of Olivers employees, and I had to dig a trench to drain a field. Towards the end of the day it started to rain and I ended up almost waist-deep in a trench which was quickly filling with water and we laughed so hard we barely noticed. I already own lots of work clothes as I have had experience in tree surgery, carpentry, roofing, plumbing and mixing concrete among other areas but Oliver usually lends me some work boots with steel toe-caps as they are what I am supposed to wear. ...read more.


Then we had lunch which was about 45 minutes long as we were very tired and hungry. Fortunately, Oliver had brought a flask of hot tea for us all to enjoy. When we had finished cutting down the trees and 'chipping' all of the branches, it was my job to take a pair of secateurs, which are like big scissors, and cut down all the little bits which were too small for Olivers powerful chainsaw. We finished clearing up at about 4:30 and then Oliver drove us back to the launderette and I walked home from there. I arrived home at about 5:15, very tired and dirty. The next day I woke at the same time to be at work at 7. It wasn't quite as cold as the previous day so I only wore one t-shirt and a jumper. That day Tomak and I had to clear logs which Oliver had cut down the previous week in a woodland. ...read more.


I suffer from hayfever so I started sneezing and my eyes semi-closed plus it was really hot as well. Hay bails aren't that light, they're actually quite heavy so we got all hot and sweaty and I didn't know that if you're not used to hay then it can give you a rash. I only had shorts and a t-shirt and I got little itchy, white spots all over my arms and legs which was made worse by the sweat. Then we had a very long lunch break which meant I had to sit there itching for about an hour. The best part was on Friday. Oliver brought down his air rifle and we set up some targets on a nearby tree and we all had a go at shooting. As it turns out I have quite good aim and got more targets than everyone. Looking back it was a good experience and I think it showed me that, although I enjoyed the week, a career in tree surgery isn't for me. I'm just not tall enough! ...read more.

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