Non-fiction Piece: Bullyingan inescapable part of human life?

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            Bullying- an inescapable part of human life? 


Bullying is defined as: ’repeated verbal, physical, or social behavior that involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons to deliberately inflict harm’. Bullying has always occurred; it is a primitive instinct and reverberates through not only our species but the animal kingdom too. 

The animal kingdom

By examining the animal kingdom we see examples of what appears to be bullying; a robin chasing away smaller birds from sources of food; horses biting other horses to ensure they are first to drink… But is this bullying? Or is it in fact a means of survival: a fundamental element of nature? When compared to our society these acts of exclusion would easily be perceived as bullying, a person or group dominating others. However to dominate does not mean to bully. Take the alpha male of a herd, for example: by assuming authority through dominance, he maintains the survival of the herd. This attitude is also present in our society. A manager of a company maintains the survival of a corporation through effective control of subordinate workers.

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This is not always the case however, as we often see examples of bullying both in the work and school environment.

Bullying in a digital age

Nowadays, not having the latest smart phone app can lead to isolation and with that, exclusion from social situations. Research suggests, however, that victims of bullying share similar personality traits. A psychological investigation, conducted by the BBC, suggests that victims who are perceived as having poor communication or social skills are less likely to retaliate against common abuse thus leading to bullies- who are often insecure in their own social position- to repeat the ...

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