One Art and Cold in the Earth. How do TWO poets vividly convey death in their poetry?

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Compare the ways in which two poems present the idea of loss.

Loss is a theme mutual to both the poems of ‘One Art’ and ‘Cold in the Earth’ in which the poets vividly describe the effects of loss on their psyche , however it is the way each are presented to the reader which contrast. The way in which the poets confront the theme of loss also contrast as on begins on a realistic note while the other begins in denial. Elizabeth Bishop begins One Art with a monastic tone where she attempts to persuade the reader and soon herself to ‘master disaster’. However Emily Bronte is much more apparent in her emotions and begins with a despairing tone. The theme of loss proves much more complex than at first perceived, this revealed by the poets as their poems progress.

One Art incorporates the use of a structure called the villanelle, with the intent of conveying a message rather than to entertain. The exposition of the poem seems to mislead the reader on the emotions felt by the poet. Elizabeth uses 3rd person in order to attempt to distance herself from the reader whilst simultaneously directing a message that loss is not hard to master. However that isn’t the sole message she portrays. Throughout the poem the author realises the significance of the objects to the poet being lost escalate as the poem progresses. The author thus incorporates a climactic effect in which to draw the author’s attention in, in preparation for the climax. The message which can be translated from this effect is that early denial of deep emotions as a result of loss can escalate until it’s too much to cope. However this message contrasts with the subliminal message (master disaster) which is much more obvious in the poem.

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Furthermore, the constant repetition of disaster and master at the end of each line in each stanza seem to represent the poets struggle in attempting to supress her emotions. Her struggle is accentuated in the abrupt change from 3rd person to 1st halfway through the poem, representing her failed effort in maintaining formality within her poem. The climax reveals the most important loss to her, the loss of a lover whom many believed committed suicide possibly referred to in the first stanza ‘many things seem filled with the intent to be lost’. And so Elizabeth portrays the complexities of loss through the ...

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