Persepolis Chapter: Eggy On the first of September, cousin Alexis passed away.

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Persepolis Chapter: Eggy

On the first of September, cousin Alexis passed away.

My parents were answering phones and replying to texts. Almost everyone on the opposite end of the line was crying.  

When they were done, I asked them who Alexis was and what had happened.

They told me that Kuya Alexis was my older cousin who would visit the house to see my parents whenever he had the time. They told me he would play and talk to me for hours, and so did his girlfriend Ate Nika. Then they told me that at 10:00 pm last night both of them were shot by three robbers in their house in Quezon City. It was said that their maid let the robbers in and left with them after they’d stolen jewelry and their laptops.

My mom started crying, and my dad left the room. I wondered about how the robbers knew the maid.

My mom and dad bought clothes for Alexis and Nika to wear at their funeral. My mom showed me Alexis’ tie; “This is the first tie I ever gave your father.” It was the ugliest tie I’ve ever seen, but I guess that made sense for him to wear it.

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My sister Pimee called saying that she was going to come home for the wake, I was so excited I cleaned my room that we shared for her arrival. She didn’t end up staying with me.  

On the day of the ceremony, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. We were all asked to wear white, which was weird because I’m pretty black was the color to wear for these kinds of things.

The mass was a blur. The two coffins were beside the altar, but I couldn’t see the bodies; there were too many flowers ...

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