Personal Reflective Essay -At the age of five, both my Mum and Gran had noticed my keen interest in Baton Twirling.

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Jodie Downing

Personal Reflective Essay


 From a young age I had always felt a sense of resentment towards my Gran. While other children played outside after school, I would be sitting impatiently at the piano waiting for my half hours practice to end. While other children watched their favourite TV programmes, my brother and I would be completing next weeks homework and being made to take part in extra spelling tests as we waited for our mum to collect us after her 10 hour day as a bank manager. However as I have approached adulthood, I realise that I would not be the person I am today without my Gran.


 I had always had a keen interest in dancing and had attended a local class for a few years. At the age of five, both my Mum and Gran had noticed my keen interest in Baton Twirling. Mum decided to enrol me in the competitive baton twirling classes, being quite a competitive person herself. The class was part of the same dance school I had been attending years. I hated it instantly. I had never been given my own routine before and hated myself, when I was unable to do a “big trick” or had forgotten the routine that only I would know. I began to wail as my mum spied on my troubles from behind the dingy door in a fit of laughter at my “ticked off” expression.

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  At my first competition I was bewildered as I pranced on to the orphan blue vinyl floor in a sparkly leotard and a similar puffy pink tutu. The chairman of the B.B.T.S.A (British baton Twirling Championships) started my music. I lost concentration as the crowd cheered with encouragement. So I did as my teacher insisted and made something up. Raising my 15 inch baton I began to twist the tubular metal “stick” and started shaking my hips. The audience – made up of parents and coaches – began to applaud after all I was a gorgeous five year ...

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