Persusive writing - Criminals should not profit from their crimes.

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The release of Schapelle Corby form a Bali prison for drug offences has re-ignited the perennial debate about criminals profiting from their crimes by publishing their stories and granting interviews on or alternatively being able to access the money they have squirrelled away from their financial misdemeanours. There is no way under any circumstances that anyone convicted of a crime should profit by their offences against societies laws and ultimately you and I as members of the law abiding element of our community. To this end the establishment of the multi- agency criminal assets confiscation task force was established in 2011 to deny criminals the opportunity to profit from theirs crimes. This is designed to enforce the proceeds of crime out of 2002.

Let us consider the Schapelle Corby fiasco so as to get a perspective on how some criminals continue to make their crimes pay on release. Corby has had two grabs at the money pie. In 2006, she was paid $280,000from Pan Macmillan publishing company for her autobiography My Story. To safeguard this money, the company paid finances into her Indonesian brother in law’s account. How farcical that this can transpire? Now on her release, the media frenzy is nothing short of a circus. Channel 7’s bid for an interview with her with the bait of reportedly $3million dollars shows the extent that some networks are prepared to go to. Clearly, the Federal police were livid at such a deal and subsequently raided the channel 7 offices in Sydney to get documented proof of a deal between parties. This highlights the determination by our government to prevent criminals profiting from criminality and they should not, despite difficulties locating hidden assets at times.
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Since the introduction of the 2002 Federal law against profits from the proceeds of crime, there has been sustained efforts by authorities to ensure that as few criminals as possible are positioned to profit from their crimes. An example of this occurred in 2007 when $50 million asset portfolio of one of victoria’s biggest criminal syndicates was seized by the state after investigation by the Purana taskforce. The money man of the syndicate tried to profit by selling his horse Pillar of Hercules for $1.5 million. This capital was seized under the Act

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