Poetry from World War 1.

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                            Poetry from World War 1 




Eleanor Farjeon


What comes immediately to mind when reading this poem is it has no real use of rhythm or rhyme as its more like an entry in a diary or a letter that the writer knows will never be sent? Or received such as when the writer says “there are three letters that you will not get.” I think this because it’s the eve of the coming battle and the soldier may die and may never get the letters.

The use of images in Easter Monday are not really used all that much “The apple-bud was ripe” is one and I think that this helped me to imagine what the garden is like with the apple tree growing and the apples being picked and sent to the soldier at war I think this would have made the soldier happy and sad at the same time. As he knows he may not get to see home for a long time or indeed ever again.

The use of language is really well used and very easy to understand I didn’t enjoy reading this as it was very sad and more like I was prying into some ones personal letters.

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There is good use of punctuation I found the poem easy to read. The characters are strong and very unhappy to be apart and obviously missing each other and know that at any time this could be there last letter to each other.


The tone and the mood in the poem is both sad and happy I say this because the soldier was happy about his letters and the gift of apples and the silver Easter egg but also in the same letter he was very unhappy about the coming battle the other character in the poem ...

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