Presentation of Relationships in Othello

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Fern Chambers

Othello and Desdemona – presentation of the relationship by Shakespeare

Desdemona is the daughter of Brabantio, who had been looking for a suitable man for his daughter to marry and is shocked to find out that Desdemona has chosen Othello, the moor, over all other men. From the beginning of the play it becomes apparent that this relationship is under pressure as society including Desdemona’s father do not approve of their marriage. Shakespeares use of Iago as a character and his opinions on the relationship such as "An old black ram is tupping your white ewe" let the audience know of the prejudice already faced against Othello, though now we would find this shocking, at the time Othello was written this would have been more acceptable meaning it would not have the same effect on the audience.

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Othello’s colour is used by Shakespeare as a symbol of how unique he is and echoes the unique choice which Desdemona has made. People find it unbelievable that Desdemona could have chosen Othello with free will as they see this decision as impossible, so see black magic as the only possibility. Shakespeare wrote the hero in as a moor at a time when a black character was more likely to be a villain shows that Shakespeare had some purpose in his hero being black. In Shakespearean times racism was more distinct than it is expressed in Othello making this ...

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