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Review of 'The comfort of strangers by Ian McEwan'

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Review of 'The comfort of strangers by Ian McEwan' This is a very interesting book by McEwan as well as being rather confusing. The name 'the comfort of strangers' fits the storyline perfectly. This is a very mysterious book in which the two of the main characters Caroline and Roger are slowly tightening the noose on the necks of the other two main characters Mary and Colin. I think the book fits into the mystery genre as far as the writing of the author goes and I found that some parts of the book reminded me of 'Enduring Love'. The way that that Colin and Mary blindly get involved with Roger shows one of many weaknesses in the novel. ...read more.


A big complaint that reviewers have had with this novel or rather this 'short story' is that the author works around taboo issues meaning he may talk about them for a moment or two and then ignores them. Another problem which links onto this is that many times the author builds up the story as something really dramatic is going to happen and then nothing out of the ordinary happens for example when Mary jumps in the water you would think that one of them may drown but it turns out to be something just ordinary. I think this has a negative effect on the reader as well as the fact that sometimes the reader is left to 'fill in the gaps' themselves when we are not given enough detail on the characters or the storyline. ...read more.


This however does not take the away from the fact that the novel is rather incomplete and isolated and is probably worth giving a miss. I think it would be best to read McEwan later novels such as Enduring love and Amsterdam as they are the ones which have gained him international recognition. McEwan writing seems to have improved as he has written more pieces. I can say this after having read all of Enduring love and having begun reading 'Amsterdam' by the same Author. I don't think it is very easy to review this novel because it is very short and there isn't much really to talk about and the rest is up to the reader to read and find out what the key points in the novel are. Rating: ** out of *****. Khobaib Anwar L6W ...read more.

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