Shakespeare coursework- Romeo and Juliet Why is Act 1 scene 5 an effective piece of drama?

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Shakespeare coursework- Romeo and Juliet

Why is Act 1 scene 5 an effective piece of drama?

In this essay I am going to analyse and interpret Act 1 Scene 5. I am going to consider the dramatic events of the scene, Shakespeare’s use of language, the structure, changing mood and how he makes use of dramatic devices like scene shifts and range of characters.

Shakespeare has divided this scene into 7 sections. Section one is when the servants prepare for the party and Lord Capulet welcomes the guests. ‘‘You are welcome, gentlemen. Come musicians, play. A hall, a hall! Give room; and foot it, girls.” This shows us the happy mood Lord Capulet was in. In this section, Shakespeare makes the audience think that the party is going to be happy and it is going to be a success for the meeting of Juliet and Paris.

The second section of Act 1 Scene 5 is when Lord Capulet and his cousin talk about their youth. “For you and I are past our dancing days.” This shows how they are reflecting back on the days when they used to dance with ladies in masks. The mood in section two is reminiscent as Lord Capulet and his cousin are reflecting back on past times in their lives. Shakespeare makes the audience realise that Capulet and his cousin were both young as are Romeo and Juliet.

The third section of Act 1 Scene 5 is when Romeo sees Juliet for the first time and is immediately captured by her beauty. “Beauty too rich for use, for Earth too dear!” This shows the extent of exaggeration that is caused by Romeo’s extreme state of mind due to the recent events with Rosaline. The mood that Shakespeare sets out in this section is love at first sight it is also hopeful of a relationship and that it might work out.  Shakespeare makes the audience think that finally Romeo has got over Rosaline and has met a beautiful girl who is Juliet. The audience are hopeful that this relationship might work out.

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The fourth section of Act 1 Scene 5 is when Tybalt recognises Romeo and so he sends for a weapon to kill Romeo but Lord Capulet restrains him as Romeo is doing no harm. “This, by his voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier boy.” This shows how Tybalt really wanted to kill Romeo so the mood in this section is tense, aggressive and looking bad. It looks as it Shakespeare is foreshadowing the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet when Tybalt talks about killing Romeo. The audience is left in fear for Romeo. The audiences fear for ...

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There are some problems with this text. Although it shows understanding and knowledge of the scene the analysis is over simplistic and chronologically structured. There are no topic sentences and the essay is unfocused at times. Why is there a paragraph on historical context towards the end. The essay also needs to display a wider vocabulary and more literary and linguistic terminolgy in order to do justice to Shakespeare's craft. ***