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Short Story Coursework

Two Four Seven One

This was it. Just as John removed the last boulder, the legendary sunlight blasted through the dingy cavern. All three of us cried out in shock and stumbled backwards, shielding our eyes from the blinding force that nature had just thrown at us.

I recovered first. I squeezed myself through the gap in the cavern’s ceiling, and stood up on the new earth. I gagged in shock and wonder; I almost wanted to throw myself back into Underworld and run away from this new life that no-one alive new of. Not a single shot sounded in the air. Not one person was to be seen. There were no fires, no ruins and nothing that they had heard of in any story.

Instead, trees and fields covered as far as the eye could see; flowers and fruits blossomed everywhere and animals were plenty: birds flew, rabbits hopped, horses, cows, snakes, lions, and elephants all lived in harmony together.

It was exactly as it was so many years ago, but with more intensity; it was greener, happier, brighter, purer, and wilder.

Pam and John shouted up at me through the gap in the lands to help them through. I did so with silent shock, unable to even think of what to say or do. Both Pam and John reacted in the same way. Their mouths seemed to drop to the ground, and silence followed for the next five minutes.

Join now!

I started to walk, but I didn’t know where I was going. My feet just started to move, and excitement like I had never experienced overtook my whole body. I was alive and buzzing; ready to explore a new world.

Pam grabbed my arm.

“Andrew we must go back. This is dangerous! If we get lost now, all of this may be lost again, maybe forever! We must tell everyone and come again for their sake’s. This isn’t about us anymore; it’s about a new chapter for mankind.”

Her hands were shaking, and there was such desperation in her ...

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